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Whether you’re looking for an edge to dominate your Formula 1 Fantasy league or are new to the game, The Fantasy Formula (TFF) is the place for you! Led by two top-ranked F1 Fantasy players, TFF is the perfect formula for success: a vibrant community, breaking news, and weekly show.

How to get started

Register your team

Add your team to our official F1 Fantasy league and see how you stack up against the top strategists around the world. If the link doesn't work, use league code: P2RXI9XHK03

Join our community

Adam (F1 Fantasy HQ) and Rob (F1 Fantasy Hub) started The Fantasy Formula to help a growing roster of strategists improve their F1 Fantasy skills. Their tight knit community is always ready to share lineup advice and other tips that will help you make the best decisions for your team. Budget caps, chip usage,... you name it. Simply download FanAmp and find The Fantasy Formula Base on the Chats tab.

Watch our show

Catch The Fantasy Formula twice on YouTube every race week.

Race Preview: Wednesdays, we break down the winners and losers from the prior race before sharing our outlook for the weekend ahead.

Deadline Live Stream: Join us LIVE an hour before every Qualifying session as we dissect Free Practice results, fantasy models, and technical upgrades courtesy of our Technical Correspondent Terry (F1 Coffee Corner). Submit your lineup for live critiques before you lock in, and play along to win our weekly giveaway courtesy of our sponsor, Fifth Gear Garms.

On the go? Listen to our Race Preview via the podcast play of your choice.

Catch our content

In addition to The Fantasy Formula, our hosts are constantly sharing their individual content with the Formula 1 community. You can access their content in one place via their FanAmp Base, or using the links below.

Adam (F1 Fantasy HQ)

Adam, also known as F1 Fantasy HQ

Adam - best known as F1 Fantasy HQ - co-hosts The Fantasy Formula alongside Rob and is dedicated to helping strategists around the world dominate their mini leagues.

In 2023, Adam founded F1FantasyHQ.com to share breaking news, interviews with top players, and unique data analyses. The site welcomed over 115,000 visitors in its maiden season. In 2024, he launched an all-new Strategy Guide, featuring a list of funny team names, an overview of new rules for this season, and tips from the second place players in the world from 2022 and 2023.

A diehard Lewis Hamilton fan since 2007, Adam continues to cope with the news that the seven time World Champion will race for Ferrari in 2025. He ranked 898 in F1 Fantasy in 2022 and 2,624 in 2023.

You can find him on all your favorite social media platforms (@F1FantasyHQ), including Twitter/X and Instagram, for the very latest on all things F1 Fantasy.

Rob (F1 Fantasy Hub)

Rob, also known as F1 Fantasy Hub

Rob - who goes by F1 Fantasy Hub - is the other co-host of The Fantasy Formula, joining Adam to analyze the latest results, headlines, and rumors to give F1 Fantasy fans an edge.

In addition, Rob runs one of the leading channels for F1 Fantasy content on Twitter/X and YouTube. Rob provides F1 Fantasy insights throughout pre-season and for the duration of the racing calendar to give you all the tips and tools you need to climb your ranks, maximize your points and dominate your mini-leagues every single race week.

Rob has passionately followed the sport since 2017 and, as a fellow Aussie, remains steadfast in his support of Daniel Ricciardo and Oscar Piastri, even if a world championship currently seems out of reach for both of them!

Be sure to find him on all major social platforms (@F1FantasyHub) for all the latest news and advice for F1 Fantasy.

Terry (F1 Coffee Corner)

Terry, also known as F1 Coffee Corner

Terry - aptly named F1 Coffee Corner for his F1 news over a cup of coffee - is the Technical Correspondent of The Fantasy Formula team. Each week, he reports on the latest upgrades and their implications for Formula 1 Fantasy

Terry set up F1 Coffee Corner in 2022 as a stay at home caregiver and a way to use 25+ years of experience watching the sport, understanding the rule book, and cleverly finding the latest news. The F1 Coffee Corner FanAmp Base and social channels offer the F1 community new and old a place to share the latest Formula 1 headlines, tech updates, and insider information in an environment that’s inclusive to all. Terry is highly active there and loves discussing the latest developments.

With now over 25,000 followers across all platforms including TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook he’s created a reputation as a go to channel for news based on his factual, unbiased news rarely seen without a coffee or a Formula 1 top on if there is news in the F1 world you can be sure he’s there with the latest updates. 

Meet our sponsor

Fifth Gear Garms

Fifth Gear Garms makes amazing embroidered racing shirts, sweatshirts, and so much more! They’ve even added prints, illustrations, and books to excite any Formula 1 fan. Head to their website to shop their collection, and be sure to watch The Fantasy Formula Deadline Live Stream every week for a chance to win a gift card!

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