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Fan Behavior
Hannah and Zoe
Hello and welcome to Fan Behavior: An F1 Podcast! Join us (Zoe and Hannah) as we dive into the crazy world of Formula 1 every week and discuss everything happening both on-track and off-track. Whether it’s Ferrari’s race strategy, Pierre Gasly’s latest photo dump, Martin Brundle's grid walk, or Harry Styles declaring his love for a certain F1 driver, we’re going to be covering it all! And, as new fans who got into the sport through “Drive to Survive” (yes, we’re those girls!), our goal is to learn, have fun, and provide a safe space for any and all F1 fans! Whether you’ve watched Formula 1 for decades or you’re just now getting into the sport, we hope this show will be for you
Track Talk Podcast
Emma and Hannah
Hannah and Emma discuss the latest news in the world of F1 and IndyCar, including race results, driver performances, team updates and everything in between. They are proud fangirls and are here to help you get up to speed (get it?) with the series'. Expect some pop culture references, history lessons, mentions of other forms of motorsport, and the personal opinions of a couple of girls just talking track!
Fifth Gear Garms
Jordan and Zoe
At FGG we’re diehard Formula 1 fans. From 5 am alarms to watch races on the other side of the world to dedicating our weekends to watching 20 drivers risk it all for glory and our entertainment we believe it's the best sport on earth. From our studio in Wimbledon, all of our designs are meticulously crafted by our co-founders Jordan and Zoe. From subtly embroidered garments paying homage to the greatest Formula 1 drivers and teams of all time, to circuit and track designs sourced from around the globe—each piece serves as a captivating conversation starter for racing fans.

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F1 Coffee Corner
Terry Widdows
Terry - aka F1 Coffee Corner - is the technical wizard of the F1 creators space, with an ear for all things tech, news, and his take on rumors in the F1 Paddock. Terry serves as FanAmp's Technical Corespondent and joins our F1 Fantasy show The Fantasy Formula weekly! The F1 Coffee Corner FanAmp Base and social channels offer the F1 community new and old a place to share the latest Formula 1 headlines, tech updates, and insider information in an environment that’s inclusive to all.
IGAF1 Podcast
Allison and Lynnette
This is the I Give An F1 Podcast! A Formula 1 Podcast hosted by Allison and Lynnette, two friends who love Formula 1! They discuss the latest F1 news, race and qualifying reviews, share their thoughts on the happenings in F1, as well as give a share interesting information in the sport.
Mania Onboard
Manon and Maia
Manon and Maia: Motorsport lovers, and creators of hilarious and informative Instagram and TikTok content related to Formula 1. With Manon's video editing prowess and Maia's science nerdiness, we bring you the perfect blend of well-researched and polished content that doesn't take itself too seriously. We're not just about laughs, though. We foster vibrant discussions on LGBT, gender, and race issues, providing a platform for fans to connect, joke around, and share their love for racing. Come join our F1 community!
Pitlane Twins
Desiree and Virginia
We are identical twins from Hamburg, Germany who love to represent the female fandom of motorsports. On social media we create fun, engaging content about Formula One from a fan's perspective and let more than 100k other passionate enthusiasts experience the sport through our lens when we travel the world for our favorite sport.