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2023 Formula 1 FanPicks Competition

Details and disclosures

As of May 3, 2023.

For a competition overview visit the announcement page.

Who can participate?

You must have a FanAmp account in good standing to participate.

By participating, you consent that you have the necessary permissions and meet any eligibility requirements in your country of domicile. You also consent to your Username being shown on the leaderboard. Refer to our Privacy Policy to contact us with any questions.

Employees, contractors, freelance contributors, as well as the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings, and children) and household members of each employee are not eligible to win.

How do I participate?

To participate, you must access and use the FanAmp application found on Apple and Google app stores. Once you have the application, make Picks for at least one event and you are entered into the competition. Making Picks is entirely free.

When can I participate?

The competition runs from March 3, 2023 through November 26, 2023.

How are points for Picks calculated?

There are two types of Pick questions: 1) Podium, 2) Fastest Lap, 3) Single Driver, 4) Single Team, and 5) Single Text Option.

For Podium questions, you choose which 3 drivers will finish in P1, P2, and P3. This is asked for all Qualifying, Sprint, and Grand Prix races.

For the Fastest Lap questions, you simply choose which driver of the 20 on the grid you think will end the race with the designation.

For the Single Driver questions, you choose which driver (minimum 2 driver options, maximum 20) will answer the question. It is a similar structure for Single Team (minimum 2 team options, maximum 10) and Single Text Option (minimum 2 options, maximum 5).

Note: More questions may be introduced, and points calculations may be adjusted, at a later date. Users will be notified of these changes.

Podium question scoring works as follows:

You earn the same points as your chosen drivers, up to a maximum of 58 (25 + 18 + 15)

  1. Example 1: Your first place driver finishes P1 then you earn 25 points
  2. Example 2: If that same driver comes in P5 then you earn 10 points instead

On top of those initial points, you apply a multiplier based on the number of drivers chosen in the correct position, up to 4x (the multiplier starts at 1x)

  1. Example 1: If your first place driver finishes P1 and your other choices were wrong then your multiplier becomes 2x (1x + 1x)
  2. Example 2: If your first and second place drivers finish P1 and P2, respectively, and your third choice was wrong, then your multiplier becomes 3x (1x + 2x)

With the multiplier, the maximum score you can earn is 232 (58 x 4)

Fastest Lap, Single Driver, Single Team, and Single Text Option question scoring works as follows:

Picking the correct answer earns 50 points. For Fastest Lap, if you chose the correct driver you earn the 50 points whether or not that driver finishes in the top 10 to earn the point in the real race. Picking incorrectly nets 0 points. There is no multiplier.

How are Performance Bonus points calculated?

There are four kinds of Performance Bonuses, each with its own value and rules for when and how often it can be awarded.

Complete race weekends

This bonus is awarded for making Picks for every race in a Grand Prix weekend. For example, excluding Sprint weekends, there are Qualifying and Grand Prix races. If the User makes Picks for both - regardless of whether they are correct - then they earn this bonus. This bonus is worth 100 points for a maximum of 2,300 points (23 race weekends).

This bonus is included in the leaderboard award calculation for both the season overall. It is also included in the Sector leaderboard award calculations, but only for the specific Sector during which it is earned (i.e., the Sector 1 bonus only counts toward the Sector 1 leaderboard award).

Complete Sectors

Similar to the race weekends bonus, if the User makes Picks for every race in a given Sector then they are awarded an additional 500 points, up to a maximum of 3,000 across the 6 Sectors.

This bonus is included in the leaderboard award calculation for both the season overall. It is also included in the Sector leaderboard award calculations, but only for the specific Sector during which it is earned (i.e., the Sector 1 bonus only counts toward the Sector 1 leaderboard award).

Invite friends

Each new person referred to FanAmp who creates their account with the sending User's referral code is worth 100 points. There is no limit on the number of referral awards, however, FanAmp reserves the right to withhold awards if FanAmp deems a User to be abusing it such as inviting bot accounts.

Note: Referrals count when a new sign up occurs through specific shared links, primarily invite links or by sharing Picks outside FanAmp. Those links include the sending User's referral code which should be recorded automatically in the background when the invited User follows the link to sign up. In some cases, the invited User's device may block the code, or they may choose to sign up directly without using the link. In all cases, if no referral code is captured at signup then no credit will be awarded.

This bonus is excluded from the Sector leaderboard award calculations. It is included in all other leaderboard and giveaway calculations.

Update your profile

Users who save a profile photo (other than the default) and a bio will earn 500 points. This can only be earned once and will count for any any Users who already completed both.

This bonus is excluded from the Sector leaderboard award calculations. It is included in all other leaderboard and giveaway calculations.

How do I see my total points? Which points are used to award prizes?

The application currently displays points from Picks, only. View the leaderboards linked on the announcement page for your total points in a given Sector or for the season overall.

The season leaderboard includes all points earned - Picks and Performance Bonuses - during the season. This leaderboard is used to determine the overall leaderboard and giveaway season winners. In addition, this leaderboard is used to determine the giveaway winner for each Sector.

The Sector leaderboards only include the Picks and select Performance Bonuses earned during that Sector. The Performance Bonuses that count toward a Sector leaderboard point total are the "Complete race weekend" and "Complete Sector" bonuses. "Invite friends" and "Update your profile" only count toward the giveaway.

When are Picks and point totals posted? When do they close?

Picks questions are generally posted within 24 hours of the corresponding event's start time. They close before the scheduled start time (generally 15 minutes). A countdown is shown in the app alongside the questions.

Point totals are generally updated on leaderboards at the start of the week following the race.

How are Pick answers determined? What happens if there is a change in drivers, the schedule, or another disruption?

The answer for each Pick is determined using the final classifications issued by the FIA (such as the winning drivers) or may be determined using a reputable source such as the official broadcast or a known news organization. If a session is not held (e.g., due to inclement weather) or the answer is not entirely clear, then it is up to FanAmp’s sole discretion whether to award the prize and under what conditions.

In the event of a driver change, schedule change, or other disruption, then FanAmp will do its best to update the question and notify Users so they can come in and adjust their answers if they so choose. However, that may not always be feasible and thus questions and/or event may be deleted, invalidated, or have their points values adjusted to account for these outcomes.

Users may not be able to change their picks in the event of last minute driver changes (e.g., due to illness). If there is a replacement, it is assumed the user’s original selection applies to the replacement. For example, if they choose Max Verstappen and he is replaced by Nyck de Vries, then it is assumed the user chose Nyck de Vries when the session starts

Can I change my answers?

Yes, you can make changes until the question timer runs out.

What can I win?

Leaderboard and giveaway winners are awarded prizes based on whether it is the end of a Sector or the full season. The prizes are capped at the approximate value shown (note: final value may be lower in their country of residence).

Users cannot win both the leaderboard and giveaway prizes in the same Sector, nor can they win the Sector giveaway prize more than once in a season. If they win again then another name will be drawn.

Leaderboard prizes:

Giveaway prizes:

In addition to the main prize pool, there is a prize pool exclusively for members of the Grand Prix Travel community. See the Grand Prix Travel details and disclosures for more information.

What happens in the event of a tie?

In the event of a tie, a winner will be chosen randomly from the list of tied Users. There can only be one winner for each prize.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is up to FanAmp’s sole discretion how to pick a winner, change the prize, or adjust the rules used to calculate prizes without notice or explanation. FanAmp will do what is reasonable to award prizes and may choose to offer something of comparable value if furnishing the original prize is unrealistic. For example, if the cost of shipping a hat is more than the hat itself, FanAmp may offer an alternative prize.

This competition is run by FanAmp Inc. of 228 Park Avenue South, Suite 37002, New York, NY 10003. Contact with any questions.