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Grand Prix Travel 2023 Formula 1 FanPicks Competition

Details and disclosures

As of May 3, 2023.

For a competition overview visit the announcement page. For general details and disclosures that apply to all Users, click here.


What is the Grand Prix Travel 2023 Formula 1 FanPicks Competition and how is it different from the main competition open to all Users?

The Grand Prix Travel 2023 Formula 1 FanPicks Competition is run the same as the main competition except it is open only to FanAmp Users who are also members of the Grand Prix Travel Subreddit community.

Points are tracked separately, and prizes are awarded exclusively to community participants.


How do I sign up?

Sign up is free. Simply visit the Grand Prix Travel Subreddit and inform admins and moderators of your FanAmp account. Once they confirm, your FanAmp account will be marked to compete and any points earned will show on the leaderboards.

Note: enrollment is managed by a third party community for which FanAmp is not responsible. You are not eligible for prizes until Grand Prix Travel and FanAmp have both communicated and confirmed your enrollment.


What can I win?

Grand Prix Travel Leaderboard and giveaway winners are awarded prizes based on whether it is the end of a Sector or the full season. The prizes are capped at the approximate value shown (note: final value may be lower in their country of residence).

Users cannot win both the Grand Prix Travel leaderboard and giveaway prizes in the same Sector, nor can they win the Grand Prix Travel Sector giveaway prize more than once in a season. If they win again then another name will be drawn.

Leaderboard prizes:

Giveaway prizes:

For the avoidance of doubt, it is up to FanAmp’s sole discretion how to pick a winner, change the prize, or adjust the rules used to calculate prizes without notice or explanation. FanAmp will do what is reasonable to award prizes and may choose to offer something of comparable value if furnishing the original prize is unrealistic. For example, if the cost of shipping a hat is more than the hat itself, FanAmp may offer an alternative prize.

This competition is run by FanAmp Inc. of 228 Park Avenue South, Suite 37002, New York, NY 10003. Contact with any questions.