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FanPicks: Sector 2 Launch Update

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Welcome to Sector 2!

The 2023 season sector map

Miami marks the start of our second Sector, ending with Spain. That means a new leaderboard and more prizes up for grabs. It also means some new additions and modifications that up the ante for everyone playing.


Season and Sector leaderboards are live! Don’t forget to bookmark the page and check back regularly for updates.

Three new formats

Three new Picks formats: teams, drivers, and racing knowledge
  • We’ve introduced new questions that test your team, driver, and general racing intuition
  • Our goal is to greatly increase the variability and depth of Picks while still keeping the experience exciting for everyone playing along

More choices every race

Sample Picks for a full Grand Prix race
  • Picking race and fastest lap winners is fun, but there are so many other high and low moments to capture
  • That’s why we’re adding four more Picks to every race using a mix of the driver, team, and general racing variants
  • Every race will be different, capturing the nuance of the circuit and keeping you on the edge of your seat

More points to earn

The maximum point values per Pick in Sector 2
  • More Picks means more chances to earn points, fight for leaderboard positions, and claim sweet prizes
  • Each new format is worth 50 points, and we’re increasing the fastest lap to be worth the same (up from 1 point)
  • Don’t fret, having the perfect podium is still worth the highest bounty (232 points for a perfect answer)

Go make your picks!

We’re thrilled to see how the community has embraced Picks so far. We’ll continue monitoring these enhancements and your feedback to evolve the game as the season progresses.

For more details on how Picks work, read our announcement. And to see how you stack up, head to our leaderboards.

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