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Where to stay for an incredible Italian Grand Prix Experience

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Located in the city of Monza, the Italian Grand Prix is in the perfect location to find comfortable and affordable accommodations. Whether you stay in in Milan or somewhere a bit further from Autodromo Nazionale Monza, you will find a variety of options available. This comprehensive guide will provide you with the best locations and price options for a seamless visit.

Staying in a hotel


Monza Italy

Staying close to the circuit is definitely ideal, which is why hotel options in Monza are preferred. A two star hotel located close to the track starts at about 55€ (55 USD) on the weekdays and gets up to 100€ (110 USD) on the weekends. Three star hotels are roughly 100€ (110 USD) during the week and get up to 140€ (150 USD) on the weekends. There is a large price jump from the three star hotels and the four star hotels, but the location makes it worth it. Four star hotels start at about 180€ (200 USD) throughout the week and can get up to 340€ (370 USD) on the weekends.

Popular Hotels:

Woodhouse Hotel ★★

Hotel Cora ★★★

Hotel de la Ville ★★★★



There are a range of hotel options in Milan that are suitable for most price points. Two-star hotels in Milan start around 130€ per night and 170€ during the weekends. Three star accommodations are usually around 150€ and on the weekends roughly 200€. Lastly, four star hotels are usually 200€ on the weekdays but can rise up to 350€ on the weekends.

Although Milan is close and provides convenient transportation to Autodromo Nazionale Monza, it is considered to be a fairly expensive city. Despite having a number of accommodation options, many the hotels in Milan may cost more than a smaller city.

Popular Hotels:

Hotel Atena ★★

Hotel Alga ★★★

Hyatt Centric Milan Centrale ★★★★



Bergamo, a town that is a 50 minute train ride from Autodromo Nazionale Monza, is another exceptional place to stay. Two star hotels in Bergamo cost roughly 47€ per night and 80€ during the weekends. Three star hotel prices can range from 80-100€ throughout the week and 100-130€ on the weekends. Four star hotels cost roughly 100€ and can rise up to 215€ on the weekends. Although Bergamo is slightly further from Monza, they still have many great accommodation options.

Popular Hotels:

Hotel 5 Vie ★★

Hotel Città Dei Mille ★★★

Winter Garden Hotel ★★★★


Lake Como

Staying in Como is another great option if you are headed to the Italian Grand Prix. It is only a 40 minute train ride from the circuit and there are lots of wonderful hotels. Two star hotels can cost roughly 88€ and 130€ on the weekends. Three star hotels get up to about 98€ during the week and 170€  on the weekends. Four star hotels start at 170€ and can reach 280€ on the weekends.

Popular Hotels:

Albergo Svizzero ★★

B&B Hotel Como City Center ★★★

Hotel Como ★★★★



Busto Arsizio is one of the farther options from Autodromo Nazionale Monza, but is still considered close to the circuit. The train ride ranges from 1 hour to 1.5 hours, but there are a plethora of available accommodations for your convenience. In comparison to Milan or Como, Busto Arsizio is a much more affordable city. Unfortunately, there aren’t any two star hotels directly in Busto Arsizio, but the the prices for the three and four star hotels are very modest and low-cost.

Three star hotels start at 75€ during the week and get up to about 115€ on the weekends. Four star hotels cost about 115€  and 150€  on the weekends.

Popular Hotels:

Hotel La Nuova Rotaia ★★★

Hotel Pineta ★★★★

Staying in a tent

If you are looking for an accommodation option that doesn’t include hotels, then camping at the Italian Grand Prix is the right choice! Camping Autodromo is the official trackside camping site at Monza. It is located right next to Prima Variante (the first corner), and has great amenities for a very affordable price. There is another camping option that is only set up during the race weekends. The site is called the Esterna GP Village and it is located new the Lesmo entrance new the top of the circuit.

Unfortunately, the prices for the campsites have not yet been announced. If you are looking for more information, check the official Monza Camping website.

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