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Fast Five: Piquet “treated like a dog” in Massa-Hamilton drama, “spring break” winners, and other big updates

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Today's F1 News Delivered Faster Than a Pit Stop

Piquet “treated like a dog” in Massa-Hamilton drama, “spring break” winners, and other big updates from around the world of Formula 1.

  • “Spring break” winners
  • Sainz and Leclerc's musical trivia
  • Piquet: “Treated like a dog" in Massa-Hamilton drama
  • Alonso: 3rd title still possible
  • Haas DRS just shy of Red Bull

“Spring break” winners

F1's unintended spring break, caused by the cancellation of the Chinese Grand Prix, could benefit several teams and drivers. Mercedes has the chance to improve their W14 car, while Ferrari can address engine reliability and tire degradation issues. The break might also give Max Verstappen time to regain full fitness after illness, although it could potentially hinder his momentum. For F1 rookies, this pause offers a chance to reflect on their performances and prepare for the upcoming races.

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Sainz and Leclerc's musical trivia

The fan-favorite C² Challenge returns for 2023, as Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz once more showcase their musical prowess! The dynamic duo faces off in a thrilling test of their knowledge, recognition, and appreciation of various tunes and genres. Get ready for an exciting display of friendly rivalry and melodic camaraderie as the talented teammates prove they're more than just exceptional drivers. Don't miss out on the latest C² Challenge – it's time to turn up the volume! 🎶

Piquet: “Treated like a dog” in Massa-Hamilton drama

Nelson Piquet Jr claims he was mistreated by Renault F1 management after the 2008 Crashgate scandal, insisting he did not intentionally hinder Felipe Massa. The incident has resurfaced as Massa considers legal action to alter the championship standings following Bernie Ecclestone's comments on Renault's plan for Piquet Jr to crash and trigger a Safety Car. Piquet Jr recalls being psychologically pressured and bullied by Renault bosses, ultimately losing his race drive in 2009. He states that the incident was not meant to impact Massa directly but was a team order.

Click here to read the full article by Jake Nichol (RacingNews365.com)

Alonso: 3rd title still possible

Fernando Alonso, the 41-year-old F1 driver, believes he can continue racing for a few more years as he pursues a third world title. Alonso, who has over 350 races and two championships under his belt, is currently the oldest driver on the F1 grid. With Aston Martin's recent improvements, Alonso has achieved successive podium finishes in the first three races of the season. Although he acknowledges the challenge of winning a third title, he remains committed and trains daily with this goal in mind.

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Haas DRS just shy of Red Bull

At the Australian Grand Prix, the effectiveness of the Drag Reduction System (DRS) varied significantly among teams. Red Bull led the pack with a remarkable 37.5% effectiveness, closely followed by Haas at 37.1%. Aston Martin, on the other hand, had the least effective DRS at 23.6%, indicating a need for improvement. Alpine stood out among the teams, as their DRS effectiveness reached 24.6%, proving to be significantly better against competitors when their DRS was closed. This data highlights the diverse performance levels in the use of DRS technology among the teams and the ongoing quest for aerodynamic advantages in Formula 1.

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