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Fast Five: FIA closes cost cap loophole, factoring Ramadan into the 2024 calendar, and other big updates

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Today's F1 News Delivered Faster Than a Pit Stop

FIA closes cost cap loophole, factoring Ramadan into the 2024 calendar, and other big updates from around the world of Formula 1.

  • FIA closes cost cap loophole
  • Factoring Ramadan into the 2024 calendar
  • Hamilton urges Mercedes to shift focus 
  • Drivers as Star Wars characters
  • Mercedes VIP experience

FIA closes cost cap loophole

The FIA has closed a potential loophole in Formula 1's cost cap regulations to prevent teams from using special project divisions to gain performance advantages outside of spending restrictions. These divisions, such as Red Bull's Advanced Technology and McLaren's Applied Technologies, have been suspected of sharing F1 knowledge with their teams without it being accounted for under the cost cap. In response, the FIA issued a directive stating that any intellectual property (IP) used by F1 teams from these projects must be included in the cost cap calculations. Teams have already made changes, but they need to address previous spending and comply with the cost cap. The FIA has been conducting more thorough investigations into team spending, and last year Red Bull was fined $7 million for overspending.

Click here to read the full article by Jonathan Noble (motorsport.com).

Factoring Ramadan into the 2024 calendar

Formula 1 is considering accommodating Ramadan in its 2024 calendar by potentially moving the Bahrain Grand Prix and the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix to a Saturday. Discussions were held during a meeting in Cordoba, and the aim is to ensure that the Muslim community is not affected by the races. Other proposed changes include the return of the Chinese Grand Prix in April 2024 and the potential movement of the Japanese Grand Prix to address logistical challenges. Additionally, there have been reports of certain older venues, like the Belgian and Dutch Grand Prix, being at risk of alternating in the future. F1's president and CEO, Stefano Domenicali, emphasized the importance of respecting historical races while adapting to the changing world. 

Click here to read the full article by Nick Goulding (formula1news.co.uk).

Hamilton urges Mercedes to shift focus 

Lewis Hamilton believes Mercedes should shift their focus and resources to next year's F1 car in order to catch up with Red Bull. Despite showing promise with their upgraded W14 car in Monaco and recent races, Hamilton is cautious about getting too absorbed in the current season. He suggests that Red Bull's advantage is significant enough that they might already be working on their 2024 car, and he wants Mercedes to do the same. Hamilton expresses satisfaction with their recent podium finishes but emphasizes the need to balance development for this season while keeping an eye on the future. Mercedes is planning two more upgrade packages before the summer shutdown, with one set for the upcoming British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Hamilton's last F1 victory was at the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, and his teammate George Russell secured Mercedes' only win during a challenging 2022 season.

Click here to read the full article by Lewis Larkam (crash.net).

F1 drivers as Star Wars characters

If Star Wars characters were to be assigned to F1 drivers, which character would best represent your favorite driver?

Mercedes VIP experience

Mercedes provides a range of experiences for their guests at races, including exclusive guided tours of their private garages led by the team members, private viewing galleries where guests can observe the live action from the back of the garage and a variety of other hospitality services.

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