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Fast Five: Ricciardo lands F1 TV deal, why Mercedes' 'zero sidepod' concept failed, and other big updates

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Ricciardo lands F1 TV deal, why Mercedes' 'zero sidepod' concept failed, and other big updates from around the world of Formula 1.

  • Ricciardo lands F1 TV deal
  • Why Mercedes' 'zero sidepod' concept failed
  • Ferrari's contradictory design shift
  • F1 drivers' lavish homes
  • The youngest race winner

Ricciardo lands F1 TV deal

Daniel Ricciardo, a former Formula 1 driver, is taking on a new role as a TV host for three F1 races. He will be joined by actor Will Arnett in hosting a show called 'The Grandstand with Daniel Ricciardo and Will Arnett' on ESPN. The show will debut at the Canadian Grand Prix, followed by the United States Grand Prix and the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Ricciardo is Red Bull's third driver and is exploring broadcasting opportunities while hoping to secure a race seat next year. Red Bull's chief, Christian Horner, has expressed his belief that Ricciardo still has a passion for the sport and will give him a test to assess his skills.

Click here to read the full article by Matthew Cooper (mirror.co.uk)

Why Mercedes' 'zero sidepod' concept failed

McLaren boss Andrea Stella emphasizes the significance of wide sidepods and downwash for the failed zero sidepod concept of Mercedes in Formula 1. According to Stella, wide sidepods act as aerodynamic miniskirts, facilitating air suction to the floor and maximizing load on the car. Wide sidepods are crucial for pushing air down towards the floor and diffuser, enhancing the car's load and performance. Stella also underscores the increasing importance of aerodynamics in modern Grand Prix racing, where even mechanical elements serve as aerodynamic enablers. The focus on aerodynamics extends to the design of the front wing, floor, and other key components rather than just the suspension layout.

Click here to read the full article by Jake Nichol and Dieter Rencken (racingnews365.com)

Ferrari's contradictory design shift

Ferrari introduced an upgrade package to its Formula 1 car at the Spanish Grand Prix, deviating from its previous concept. The change includes a new downwash ramp at the rear of the sidepods, indicating a shift away from their traditional design. While the upgrade shows some improvement, Ferrari still faces challenges in terms of car performance and limitations. The team is confident in the new direction and believes it will lead to further development, but its long-term impact and ability to compete for championships remain uncertain. The team acknowledges the need to find their own solutions within their structural limitations and emphasizes the importance of a coherent aerodynamic development process. Ferrari is playing catch-up, and the development rate going forward will be crucial.

Click here to read the full article by Edd Straw (the-race.com)

F1 drivers' lavish homes

F1 drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Räikkönen, Michael Schumacher, and Daniel Ricciardo own luxurious properties around the world. Hamilton owns an opulent mansion in Monte Carlo, Monaco, with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Sebastian Vettel has a secluded farmhouse cottage in Thurgau, Switzerland, which offers privacy and comfort for him and his family. Kimi Räikkönen owns a luxury mansion in Baar, Switzerland, complete with indoor and outdoor pools and an underground garage for his car collection. Michael Schumacher resided in a vast estate called Sur Le Moulin in Gland, Switzerland, known for its natural beauty. Daniel Ricciardo owns a bachelor pad in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, with panoramic views, multiple bedrooms, and luxurious amenities.

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The youngest race winner

Max Verstappen, at the young age of 17 and without a driver's license, made his debut at the Barcelona race. Driving for Red Bull, Verstappen won the race and made history as the youngest driver ever to claim victory in Formula 1.

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