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F1 Fast Five: March 28, 2023

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Today's F1 News Delivered Faster Than a Pit Stop

Danny Ric’s coastal expedition, potential new team prioritizing gender-equality, and other big updates from around the world of Formula 1.

Danny Ric’s coastal expedition

Daniel Ricciardo may not be racing at the Australian Grand Prix, but he is still behind the wheel. He drove a Red Bull RB7, Sebastian Vettel's 2011 championship-winning car, across the Sea Cliff Bridge on the coast of New South Wales for some crazy footage.

Potential new team prioritizing gender-equality

Craig Pollock

Formula Equal, a proposed F1 team, aims to operate with a 50/50 gender split among staff and is planning to be based in a "Gulf area country," possibly Saudi Arabia. Craig Pollock, ex-manager of Jacques Villeneuve, introduced the team's plans, emphasizing their goal to create a pathway for women to reach F1 in various roles. Formula Equal is among the potential F1 applicants after the FIA launched a tender process for new teams in 2025 and 2026. Pollock expressed a desire for a gender-equal driver pairing but acknowledged the current lack of women racers with sufficient superlicence points. The 50/50 ratio would extend to all aspects of the team, including engineering and its board.

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Piastri avoiding distractions for his home race

McLaren driver Oscar Piastri

McLaren aims to keep Oscar Piastri focused on racing during his first home race at the Australian Grand Prix, as he continues his "exceptional rate of development." Team principal Andrea Stella is confident in Piastri's ability to handle the pressure in Melbourne. McLaren, currently without points in the constructors' championship, sees Piastri's progress as a significant positive. Stella hopes Piastri can repeat his Q3 performance in Melbourne, as the Albert Park circuit is expected to suit McLaren similarly to the previous race in Saudi Arabia.

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Alan Jones: Ricciardo's F1 career over

Former F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo

Alan Jones, Australia's last F1 world champion, believes Daniel Ricciardo won't return to Formula 1 racing. Ricciardo's split from McLaren resulted in Oscar Piastri taking his seat, and Jones sees no openings for Ricciardo in the near future. Jones also criticized Ricciardo for focusing too much on activities outside the cockpit. In contrast, he praised Piastri, predicting the young driver could become a world champion due to his exceptional talent.

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Rule changes put Alpine in trouble

Alpine gambled last year by signing Pierre Gasly, not questioning his driving skills but acknowledging he's one accident away from a race ban - an unprecedented situation. Despite Alpine's efforts to address the issue, rivals have not made it easy. In the video, we'll get more information about Gasly's penalty point dilemma and identify other drivers potentially facing race bans.

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