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F1 Fast Five: March 31, 2023

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Today's F1 News Delivered Faster Than a Pit Stop

An encouraging Friday for Ferrari, growing interest in Ricciardo’s return, and other big updates from around the world of Formula 1.

An encouraging Friday for Ferrari

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc on the track

Charles Leclerc praised Ferrari's performance on Friday at the Australian Grand Prix as the team's best start in the 2023 F1 season. Leclerc placed second in the second practice session, and both he and teammate Carlos Sainz expressed optimism about the car's improvements. Despite the promising results, Leclerc admitted that they will enter the race with limited data on high fuel runs due to rain in FP2. Ferrari hopes that the changes made for this weekend will enhance their competitiveness during the race.

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Red Bull's DRS advantage

Red Bull's advantage in terms of DRS (Drag Reduction System) effectiveness has increased even more compared to previous Grand Prix events. Red Bull's DRS effectiveness, including the tow effect, was at a staggering 37.4%, while Ferrari's was at 32.2% and Aston Martin's at 23.4%. Aston Martin's inferior DRS effectiveness has become a trend throughout the season, which puts them at a disadvantage compared to their rivals.

F1 team considers Ricciardo for 2024

Daniel Ricciardo is generating interest from several F1 teams

Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner claims that Daniel Ricciardo is attracting interest for a potential F1 seat in 2024. Currently the third driver for Red Bull Racing, Ricciardo was in talks with Alpine and Haas after leaving McLaren. Steiner did not confirm any plans for driver lineup changes but acknowledged Ricciardo's popularity as a candidate.

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Race weekend format may include two qualifying rounds

Sprint weekends may soon include two qualifying sessions

F1 is considering a new format that could include two qualifying sessions during a single race weekend. Six sprint races are already confirmed for this season, but the proposed format would add a second qualifying session to set the grid for the sprint race. The weekend would include FP1 and the first qualifying session on Friday, a second qualifying session and sprint race on Saturday, and the full-length grand prix on Sunday. This change could encourage teams to take more risks during the sprint race and provide more excitement for fans.

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Verstappen's struggle with illness

During the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen faced a challenging ordeal with illness that significantly impacted his performance on the track. The Red Bull driver described the sensation as if he were "missing a lung," emphasizing the severity of his physical limitations while driving. Despite his immense dedication and skill, Verstappen's health struggle inevitably took a toll on his performance, highlighting the crucial role that physical well-being plays in the demanding world of Formula 1 racing.

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