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Fast Five: Apple mulls $2B F1 streaming deal, Haas unique upgrade tackles core issues, and other big updates

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Today's F1 News Delivered Faster Than a Pit Stop

Apple mulls $2B F1 streaming deal, Haas unique upgrade tackles core issues, and other big updates from around the world of Formula 1.

  • Apple mulls $2B F1 streaming deal
  • Haas unique upgrade tackles core issues
  • Qatar GP fantasy preview
  • How drivers pulled up in Suzuka
  • The greatest engine ever

Apple mulls $2B F1 streaming deal

Apple is reportedly considering a $2 billion per year offer to secure exclusive streaming rights for Formula 1 racing, potentially doubling the current TV rights value. This interest has grown following the success of MLS Season Pass. The deal, if finalized, would coexist with other Apple TV offerings and expand to more territories as existing contracts expire. Apple's Apple TV+ content division is already involved in F1 projects, including a movie and a Lewis Hamilton documentary. However, the actual realization of an F1 streaming deal remains uncertain, as Apple has explored various sports league agreements in the past.

Click here to read the full article by Benjamin Mayo (9to5mac.com)

Haas unique upgrade tackles core issues

Haas Formula 1 team has revamped its garage layout during the recent Asian double-header, marking the first significant change since joining F1 in 2015. The overhaul, overseen by key figures including race team operations leader Peter Wright and team manager Peter Crolla, includes a central engineering island, improved communication tools, and new storage solutions. While the update aligns Haas with industry trends, Team Principal Guenther Steiner emphasized that efficiency and cost savings were the main drivers. The upgrade is strategic, as it falls within the cost cap and can pay for itself within a year by saving on transportation costs. Additionally, the garage redesign enhances sponsor servicing and the overall working environment.

Click here to read the full article by Scott Mitchell-Malm (the-race.com)

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Launching a career in the Motorsports industry, namely Formula 1, often feels ‘impossible’ due to the lack of information and industry knowledge that is publicly available to college students and young professionals searching for a job. FanAmp, in partnership with an amazing panel of industry professionals and with support from students at top-tier colleges (New York University, Cornell University, Queen’s University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology), would like to change this. This panel will give an inside look at the various roles fueling the racing world so everyone listening leaves prepared to launch their careers in the industry.

Qatar GP fantasy preview

Fantasy preview

Formula One is heading to Qatar for its fourth Sprint weekend of the season, where Max Verstappen is just three points away from potentially becoming the first driver to secure the championship during a Sprint weekend. The Sainz vs. Perez battle is a key storyline, with Perez facing setbacks but still showing promise based on tire performance and aerodynamics, although concerns about his confidence persist. Losail hosted its first F1 Grand Prix in 2021, with Lewis Hamilton winning, Max Verstappen finishing second, and Fernando Alonso impressing in third. The track offers wide runoff areas, making it forgiving for mistakes, and the hot and dry weather may impact tire management, giving an advantage to drivers like Alonso and Perez. 

Click here to read the full article by F1 Fantasy HQ

How drivers pulled up in Suzuka

The Japanese Grand Prix saw various drivers arrive at the circuit in a variety of cars, ranging from Aston Martin to Toyota, Honda, and other brands. The Ferrari drivers rolled up in the Ferrari SF90, and Hulkenberg was behind the wheel of a Toyota Raize, which is a relatively uncommon choice. Norris drove a Toyota Harrier, and his teammate also piloted the same car, albeit in a different color.

The greatest engine ever!

Crafted by one of history's greatest engine designers, this engine stands as Formula 1's most dominant power unit. With 155 Grand Prix wins, 131 pole positions, and the unique accomplishment of conquering Monaco, the Indy 500, and Le Mans, it might be mistaken for a creation from modern-day powerhouses like Ferrari and Mercedes. What makes this engine so remarkable?

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