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FanAmp Community Spotlight: F1 Money Gang

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Meet F1Capper (Shady), LightsOutF1Bets (Malcolm), and Renegade from the F1 Money Gang team!

F1 Money Gang is a group of betting and sports enthusiasts who create quality F1 betting content provided by their panel of handicappers. They aim to provide the highest quality data, facts, and insights before making your betting picks on F1!

F1Capper (Shady) (United States)

F1Capper, Shady

I’m a Middle Eastern from Texas with a passion for motorsports. I have extensive knowledge of Formula 1, along with 15 years betting experience. I'm known for capturing data insights with Formula 1 in making informed decisions on any wagers. My goal is always to strive for the highest quality details before making a wager. I’ve been a fan of Formula 1 since 2007 and fell in deep after attending the 2012 inaugural US GP race. I do follow and wager on other motorsports series such as IMSA, WEC, and IndyCar. My approach to betting in motorsports is having discipline with bankroll management and unit sizing appropriately. On any given Formula 1 or IndyCar weekend, I will play head-to-head with higher units as that’s where I find discrepancies in odds while my favorite plays are race day mispricing or any mispriced action by the bookies.

Fun Facts:

Favorite Team: Mercedes and Mclaren 
Favorite Driver of all time: Fernando Alonso 
Favorite Driver (currently): Lewis Hamilton 
Favorite Track: Spa and Interlagos 
Race I want to attend: Singapore

Chat with me on FanAmp: @F1Capper

Follow me on Twitter: @F1Capper

LightsOutF1Bets (Malcolm) (Canada)

LightsOutF1Bets F1 Money Gang

I remember watching Super Speedway in IMAX surround sound as a little kid and being blown away. As a Canadian growing up in the 90’s Jacques Villeneuve’s late 90’s run with Williams first pulled me into Formula One, but I didn’t follow the sport too seriously until Drive To Survive.

As a sport bettor and fantasy player I came to Formula One looking for a niche sport to find an edge. I realized quickly that there were a lot of variables bookies couldn’t account for, and finding value was much easier than the mainstream North American sports. Sharing insights and betting strategies with motorheads and degens alike has proven to be profitable for everyone, and I couldn’t be more excited about the group of F1 bettors we have coming together. 

Fun Facts

Favorite Team: Red Bull
Favorite Driver of All-Time: Jacques Villeneuve
Favorite Current Driver: Sergio Perez
Race I Want To Attend: Brazil
Favorite Bet Type: FP H2H On Friday, Pick Ems On Saturday, DFS on Sunday

Chat with me on FanAmp: @LightsOut

Follow me on Twitter: @LightsOutF1Bets

Renegade (United Kingdom)

Renegade F1 Money Gang

I’m a racing fan with a passion for betting from London. The first F1 season with Hamilton’s rookie season with Mclaren was the year the interest started. My edge from betting on F1 is being in a position to watch the free practice sessions where you can pick up a lot of information of potential problems teams are having or misconceptions not picked up on unless seen in the moment. My approach will be to take some positions early in the week and build around them as we get more information from the 3 practice sessions. Making a profit from the last season's F1 season and other sports you can expect detailed & fully explained tips you can put your confidence behind. 

Fun Facts

Favorite Team: Ferrari 
Favorite Driver of All-Time: Fernando Alonso 
Favorite Current Driver: Max Verstappen 
Race I Want To Attend: Silverstone 
Favorite Bet Type: Podium Bets

Chat with me on FanAmp: @Renegade

Follow me on Twitter: @RenegadeGambler

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