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We want to award YOU, our FanAmp users, IndyCar, Formula 1 and Motorsport fans alike for using the FanAmp app!


How did Emily win?

Did you notice the wording of the RACE picks notification?

Everyone who completed their picks questions for Hungarian Grand Prix Race were entered to win!

What did she win (and what could YOU win)?

Emily LOVES Lando Norris! She will be sent a lovely piece of Lando Merch! If you are a winner, a member of our team will message you and give you a choice of items to be shipped right to your door!

How can you also win fun Formula 1 Prizes?

The FanAmp team in conjunction with our creators will hide these giveaways throughout the app various times throughout the month. It is supposed to be a surprise, so you'll never know when a giveaway is coming!

It could be on a track info page...

Track Info Page FanAmp
Track Info Page FanAmp

It could be a line in the Fast Five...

News Page FanAmp
News Page FanAmp

It could be hidden in the messages of one of our channels... AND MORE

We even did a secret giveaway to some fans at FanAmp's Canadian Grand Prix Meetup!

All in all... we want to award you, the FanAmp users, for continuing to support us AND encourage you to check out other parts of the app that you may not be familiar with! Spread the word - FanAmp is all about rewarding the FANS!

Download FanAmp for your chance to win!

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