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FanPicks: Sector 3 Winners and Sector 4 Launch

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Congratulations to the Sector 3 winners!

gabs and hmcleoddd will each be taking home a Team FanKit complete with a shirt and hat from their favorite team!!

The Sector 3 leaderboard and giveaway winners

And our BONUS Hungarian GP winners!

Thanks to our friends at Miniature Motorworld, we have bonus prizes for ghianda and F1 Fantasy HQ who scored the most points in Hungary. If you want to win one of these awesome prizes then be sure to play again this coming weekend for Belgium.

The bonus prize winners from Hungary

Want to see how you did? Season and Sector leaderboards are live! Don’t forget to bookmark the page and check back regularly for updates.

Welcome to Sector 4!

Whether you're new to FanAmp or have been playing all season, we have plenty more action and prizes in store. Belgium marks the start of our fourth Sector, which runs for four races (Belgium, Netherlands, Monza, and Singapore). A new Sector means the leaderboards have been reset and everyone is on level ground. Make sure to play along every qualifying, sprint, and grand prix race, earning points to win the sweet prizes up for grabs!

Sector 4 on the 2023 season sector map

Play every session

Sample Picks questions and formats asked in a session
  • Picks are live for qualifying, sprint, and grand prix sessions
  • Make exciting predictions that test your team, driver, and general racing intuition
  • Each session has different questions to choose from, and your points accrue faster the better you do

Earn bonus points

Ways to earn bonus points
  • Earn points for more than just right answers!
  • Keep up streaks, add a profile photo and bio, and invite friends to earn MAJOR bonus points

Win Sector and Season prizes

The different prizes awarded all season
  • The more points you earn the higher you climb on the leaderboards
  • There are special prizes awarded for Sector-specific winners, and, in addition, there will be grand prizes awarded after the full season ends
  • It's free to play, so get started now for the best shot at some incredible prizes

Go make your picks!

We’re thrilled to see how the community has embraced Picks so far. Keep playing and let us know what questions to add in future updates.

For more details on how Picks work, read our announcement. And to see how you stack up, head to our leaderboards.

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