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Grand Prix Travel: 2023 Formula 1 FanPicks Leaderboards

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Part of Grand Prix Travel? Make sure to sign up here to compete against the community for exclusive prizes. If not, don't sweat it. Just head over to the main leaderboards to see where you stack up.

And don't forget to Bookmark this page to check back after every race weekend for the latest points totals.

  • Keep reading to see how you stack up for the season and each Sector
  • Want to join in? Read our announcement and start making Picks in the app!
  • Don't see your name? Make sure you've signed up on the Subreddit or sent a message in the FanAmp Base so we can start tracking your progress


While season Leaderboard and Giveaway winners are awarded after Abu Dhabi, winners are chosen after every Sector. Refer to those pages to see how you stack up.


CONGRATULATIONS to the Grand Prix Travel 2023 Season 1st place finisher - euslirpa - and the other winners!!!!

Week after week, the Grand Prix Travel community on FanAmp battled to reach the top of the leaderboards. After a grueling season, euslirpa stood in P1 as the checkered flag waved. Congratulations to euslirpa and all the other GPT Leaderboard and Giveaway winners for 2023!!

Think you can top the charts? Stay tuned for lights out on our next season.

The 2023 GPT FanPicks Leaderboard and Giveaway winners

Note: Results on the full leaderboard differ from the winners because the FanAmp team and partners cannot win prizes. As a result, the initial 1st (kallmemaybe), 2nd (kaitlinaria), and 3rd place finishers (AdamR46) are not shown.

The Users with the most invites all season

Full Leaderboard:

Tip: View the page on your computer to quickly search for your rank.

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