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Podium Picks- January 8, 2024

Podium Life
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This week's Formula 1 Podium Picks - Presented by Podium Life

All new PUMA x Mercedes Performance Collection, Automobolist x F1 2024 Calendar , and more... Find out what lifestyle pieces made it to the F1 Grid this week.

Our friends over at Podium Life have their fingers on the pulse of all things F1 culture, gear and lifestyle. Here are five of their favorite things happening in the world of motorsports.

PUMA x Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 Team Natural Performance Collection

Podium Picks George

PUMA and the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 Team are excited to unveil their Spring/Summer 2024 Natural Performance collection. Drawing inspiration from the elegance and efficiency of nature, this innovative line is deeply rooted in the principles of bionics. Check out the new collection here.

Automobolist x F1 2024 Calendar

Podium Picks Calendar

The conclusion of a Formula 1® season often leaves fans in a lull, especially right after the final race’s chequered flag has been waved and the season’s champion crowned. This marks the beginning of a period without racing. But fear not, we’ve got something to keep your spirits high in anticipation of the 2024 season. In collaboration with Formula 1®, Automobolist crafted a special poster that not only fuels your excitement for the upcoming season but also lets you track each race as it unfolds. Presenting the 2024 FORMULA 1® Season Calendar, featuring a detailed list of the upcoming Grands Prix™. Check out the cool new calendar.

Ferrari F2001-Style Go-Kart

Podium Picks Kart

This go-kart, crafted by Roketa to mimic an early 2000s Formula One car, was acquired by the current owner in 2022. It has since been revamped to mirror the iconic look of Michael Schumacher’s 2001 Ferrari F1 car. Check out the new Go-Kart style.

Ferro & Company’s Classic Motorsport Racing Watches

Podium Picks Watch

Ferro & Company crafts luxury watches that resonate with the elegance of car enthusiasts, encapsulating the essence and history of classic motorsport racing. These watches are more than just timekeepers; they’re storytellers, celebrating the legacy of iconic cars and the rich culture of motorsports. The brand’s collections are timeless, highlighting some of the most significant automobiles in history. Check out Ferro & Company's new watches here.

Racing Game History: F1 ROC I + II

Podium Picks Video Game

Formula One predates the first curious device that could be referred to as a video game by at least eight years. Maybe that’s why almost as soon as we could display graphics on a screen there’s been some interpretation of F1 in video game form, gradually increasing in graphic fidelity as gaming hardware pressed on through the ages. Check out one of the first racing games and how they've developed into 2024.

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