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Podium Picks: March 25, 2024

Podium Life
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This week's Formula 1 Podium Picks - Presented by Podium Life

Debut of the Puma Formula One collection, coffee table reads about the growth and success of F1, and more... Find out what lifestyle pieces made it to the F1 Grid this week.

Our friends over at Podium Life have their fingers on the pulse of all things F1 culture, gear and lifestyle. Here are five of their favorite things happening in the world of motorsports.

The Formula: How Rogues, Geniuses, and Speed Freaks Reengineered F1 into the World’s Fastest-Growing Sport

The Formula: How Rogues, Geniuses, and Speed Freaks Reengineered F1 into the World’s Fastest-Growing Sport

For a long time, the American racing scene was dominated by NASCAR and, to some extent, IndyCar, leaving Formula 1—a global titan in terms of wealth—in the shadows. Yet, by 2023, Formula 1 surged to the forefront, energized by a burgeoning American fanbase, marking a significant shift in the landscape of car racing in the U.S. This victory lap for F1, however, was anything but guaranteed.

Check out this exciting book here.

PUMA Debuts First Full Collection with Formula 1

PUMA collection

PUMA and Formula 1® have joined forces to create an electrifying new collection for the Spring/Summer 2024 season. This collaboration marks a groundbreaking venture into the realm of motorsport fashion, blending PUMA’s athletic expertise with the high-octane world of Formula 1®. The launch of the PUMA & Formula 1® collection heralds a new era in sportswear, where performance meets the pinnacle of racing style.

Grab a piece from the collection before it's gone!

Four-Player Racing on the Game Boy?

Game Boy Racing Game

Six years after Nintendo conquered Japanese living rooms with a home video game console known as the Family Computer (the device that would become the Nintendo Entertainment System outside of Japan), Nintendo established an absolute iron grip on the portable gaming market with a device humbly called the Game Boy.

Check out the history of racing games on the Game Boy.

Formula One Record Book 2024

F1 Record Book

The world of Formula One racing, with its thrilling speeds, intricate strategies, and rich history, finds a comprehensive chronicle in the 2024 updated second edition of the Formula One Record Book. This tome is a treasure trove for F1 aficionados, offering an unparalleled compilation of Grand Prix results that span the entirety of F1’s storied existence. With over a thousand sets of detailed outcomes, the Formula One Record Book 2024 stands as the quintessential reference for fans of the sport.

Learn who holds F1's world records!

The LEGO Group Launches New Range of Racing Vehicles

LEGO Group Racing Vehicles

The LEGO Group is excited to unveil its latest range of products, spotlighting the thrilling world of racing in collaboration with renowned automotive and racing brands like BMW, McLaren Racing & Senna, and the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 Team. This launch aims to capture the essence of iconic vehicles across various LEGO themes, celebrating the fervent passion racing fans have for the sport and offering families engaging play experiences as they bring legendary cars to life.

Buy the new LEGO racing vehicles for your favorite racing fan!

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