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Podium Picks - October 19, 2023

Podium Life
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This week's Formula 1 Podium Picks - Presented by Podium Life

PUMA unveils a Ferrari Jersey, Legendary F1 designer Steve Nichols shares his thoughts, Racing with Rich Energy and more... Find out what lifestyle pieces made it to the F1 Grid this week.

Our friends over at Podium Life have their fingers on the pulse of all things F1 culture, gear and lifestyle. Here are five of their favorite things happening in the world of motorsports.

2023 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix Edition by Automobilist

Texas never fails to impress. As anticipation mounts for the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix 2023, a distinct work of art is being unveiled in its honor. Highlighting the exhilarating contest at the iconic Circuit of The Americas – the season’s second American showdown – this year also celebrates the Grand Prix™’s 10th year in Austin. Check it out.

Formula 1 Automobilist

PUMA Unveils the Scuderia Ferrari American Football Jersey ahead of the US GP

In an innovative move, global sports giant PUMA has teamed up with Scuderia Ferrari to introduce a fresh addition to their 2023 Replica Collection: the Scuderia Ferrari American Football Jersey. This collaboration is a first-of-its-kind, blending the adrenaline-pumping worlds of motorsport and American football into a single, iconic jersey. Check it out.

PUMA x Ferrari

Formula Neon

Ignite your passion for motorsports and racing with FORMULA NEON, an innovative brand that brings the vibrant art of neon to the world of racing. As a brand created by fans, for fans, we are dedicated to curating not just merchandise, but moments of joy and excitement that light up your world with the neon glow of racing spirit. Check it out.

Formula Neon

My Thoughts on Leadership: Legendary F1 designer Steve Nichols

Domination in Formula 1 might feel familiar thanks to Red Bull and Max Verstappen at the moment, but the benchmark for such performance was set in 1988 by McLaren.

It won all but one race that year with the MP4/4 McLaren designed by Steve Nichols and a gifted team who would change the perception of what was possible in F1 at the time and into the future.

Nichols went to Ferrari with Alain Prost in 1990 and also worked for Jaguar’s ill-fated Formula 1 effort in the 2000s before becoming a design consultant. Check it out.

Steve Nichols F1 designer

Racing with Rich Energy

The book “Racing with Rich Energy,” by motorsports journalists Elizabeth Blackstock and Alanis King, captures the tale of William Storey. The British startup Rich Energy founder shot to notoriety after he became a multimillion-dollar sponsor of the Haas Formula One Team—just a year after records show Rich Energy had $770 in the bank. Check it out.

Racing with Rich Energy

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