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Podium Picks - September 5, 2023

Podium Life
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This week's Formula 1 Podium Picks - Presented by Podium Life

Scuderia Ferrari in book-form, Lewis Hamilton as YOUR pet, Alpine F1's newest watch, and more... Find out what lifestyle pieces made it to the F1 Grid this week.

Our friends over at Podium Life have their fingers on the pulse of all things F1 culture, gear and lifestyle. Here are five of their favorite things happening in the world of motorsports.

Podium Picks - September 5, 2023

Ferrari Formula 1 Car by Car: Every Race Car Since 1950

Ferrari Formula 1 Car by Car is a fascinating book that delves into the history of Scuderia Ferrari’s involvement in Formula 1 racing. Since 1950, Scuderia Ferrari has been a dominant force in F1 racing, and this book examines every F1 car that Ferrari has campaigned. Each car is accompanied by stunning imagery and detailed technical specifications.

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Ferrari Formula 1 Car by Car

VanWoof Immortalizes Your Pet As An F1 Legend

There’s not much we won’t do for our pets. We dote on them like they’re our furry children. We order “puppucinnos” in drive-thrus when we’re getting our caffeine fix. We coo at them just for existing and praise them for their cuteness. So why not immortalize them just as the artistic greats have done with humanity’s finest over the centuries? After all, what’s the Mona Lisa got that Mittens ain’t got? 

F1-itize your Fido

VanWoof Lewis Hamilton Cat

MOZA Racing FSR Formula Wheel

This 280mm sim racing wheel comes with a 4.3-inch digital dash with the very same data racing drivers use during a race. That’s because the formula-style racing wheel was inspired by the essential information from *actual* race cars, complete with speed, RPM, gear, tire temperatures, relative times, current or fastest lap times, fuel, ERS levels, vehicle status, damage, DRS, and more.

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MOZA Racing FSR Formula Wheel

SportsChord: The Art of F1 Data

SportsChord, a unique entity in the realm of F1 and motorsports, data, and art, masterfully merges analysis and statistics with avant-garde visuals to transform data into works of art.

Make your own F1 art

SportsChord: The Art of F1 Data

Bell & Ross Introduces the Alpine F1 BR 05 Watch

Bell & Ross unveils its first-ever F1-inspired BR 05 watch, a testament to the thrilling world of motorsports and racing. In a powerful collaboration between Bell & Ross and Alpine, the shared values of precision mechanics and high-performance are brought to the forefront.

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Bell & Ross Alpine F1 BR 05 Watch
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