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Choosing Your Seats: Our Guide to GA and the Grandstands at the Austrian GP

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Discover insider tips for securing the best seats at the Austrian Grand Prix

Whether you’re planning to book grandstand or general admission tickets for the Austria Formula 1 Grand Prix, our seating guide will provide you with valuable information about the best options at the Red Bull Ring so you can soak up the vibrant atmosphere nestled in the scenic Styrian mountains. Given the natural elevation changes, there are plenty of incredible vantage points. Plus, if you're a Max Verstappen fan you can use his website to order special tickets to select grandstands which include shirts and gift bags.

The Austrian track map and seating

Our top recommendations

T3 Grandstand

Situated atop the track's steepest incline, the T3 grandstand offers a direct view of the circuit's crucial overtaking area. This particular corner is a tight right-hand turn that is flanked by a lengthy DRS zone on both sides. This allows the cars to closely follow each other and make an attempt to pass at the apex of Turn 3, or alternatively, exercise patience and execute their maneuver at turn 4.

Steiermark Grandstand

Named after the region of Austria, this grandstand is located behind Turn 1, offering a good view of the grid for the start and the action at Turn 1. Steiermark is the most elevated seat and it sells out quickly. It’s popular because you’re literally on the first corner very close to the track.

Other grandstand options

Red Bull Grandstand

The Red Bull Grandstand is the biggest seating area at the track, and it consists of 15 sections that stretch from the exit of Turn 1 all the way to the uphill climb into Turn 3. From this grandstand, you can see the cars coming out of the first corner as they go downhill. No matter where you sit, the views from the Red Bull Grandstand are fantastic, and you get to see the cars racing up the hill and using their DRS at full speed. There is also a dedicated section for Max Verstappen fans in this grandstand.

Nord Grandstand and the Mitte Grandstand

Tickets for the Nord Max Verstappen Premium Grandstand ("Grandstand North"), situated atop the circuit and providing panoramic views, can only be purchased in the Netherlands, and it is a 30-40 minute walk away from the main Fan Zone near Turn 1.

Meanwhile, the Mitte Grandstand ("Grandstand Center"), located between turns 5 and 6 near the iconic bull, is exclusive to Dutch Max Verstappen fans and offers a raised grass space for practicing panning photography shots.

Schönberg Grandstand

Situated on the short downhill straight beyond Turn 3 is the Schonberg Grandstand, which provides a prime vantage point for witnessing cars racing in the key DRS zone. From here, you can witness overtakes at turn 3's exit or see rivals lining up for moves into Turn 4. 

T9 and T10 Grandstand

The T9 and T10 grandstands provide a commanding view of the high-speed final turns at the Red Bull Ring. Positioned near the pit entry, these grandstands offer thrilling action, allowing fans to witness pit strategies triggered in the race. There is also a dedicated section for Max Verstappen fans in the T10 grandstand.

Start-Ziel Grandstand

This covered grandstand offers a prime view of pit lane action, the start/finish straight, and the surrounding areas. It encapsulates the lively race atmosphere with abundant photo opportunities, a unique media center design, and easy access to local Austrian food options.

Watching the race from general admission

General admission is restricted to the green zone located between turns 3 and 4. While limited in area, the area is elevated, providing prime views of overtaking zones. This is a great option for diehard race fans looking for access without spending too much.

The ticket selection at the Red Bull Ring sets it apart from other Formula 1 venues, offering a straightforward choice of seven grandstands and General Admission. A highly popular option, "three-corner grandstand hopping," quickly sells out. Additionally, exclusive grandstands like the Nord Grandstand and the Mitte Grandstand cater specifically to Max Verstappen's passionate fans from the Netherlands.

Looking for more on the Austrian Grand Prix?

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And, be sure to visit our trusted partner, F1Destinations, for help with tickets and all things travel. They write excellent, in-depth guides on all aspects of each race.

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