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Style Guide - Australian GP

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A style rundown from Pit Lane - from special livery to helmets to race suits and fashion from every race weekend.

With the 2024 Australian GP underway in Melbourne, Pit Lane and FanAmp want you to switch the red lights to green because we’re lights out and away we go into the world of F1 drivers’ special helmets for the Australian Grand Prix!

Albert Park Circuit, the host of the Australian GP since 1996, is opening its doors once again. Considering last year’s attendance of almost 450,000 fans, it makes sense to expect yet another record-breaking exciting event. 

There’s something about the Australian GP that makes it stand out compared to other F1 races on the calendar, right? It’s hard to pinpoint why that is so. It could be the historical significance, great fan experience, maybe even a party atmosphere or of course great racing? 

... Or it could be the honorable Aussie - Valtteri Bottas. 

Honoring The Honorable Aussie 

We simply couldn’t continue with our Australian Grand Prix Style Guide without the honorable mention of the amazing Valtteri Bottas. 

On March 20, 2024, 'a very famous racing driver' Valtteri Bottas posted a commercial for Uber Car Share that accumulated more than 4.4M views in a day. 

Bottas has been calling Australia his second home for a while now, but now it seems he has fully embraced the Aussie lifestyle. And judging by the thousands of positive comments on his social media accounts, it looks like the Australians welcomed him wholeheartedly.

Special Helmets To Be Seen At The Australian GP 

As expected, both Aussies Oscar Piastri and Daniel Ricciardo, and our honorable Aussie Valtteri Bottas revealed special helmet designs! 

Oscar Piastri 

Oscar Piastri showed us his special orange and blue helmet on social media on March 12 already. 

It looks like Oscar went for a simple design featuring Australia's most famous animal - kangaroo. We love how the design incorporated brands and their logos into the final look. 

As one of the fans commented: “The helmet so good it needs to be displayed on the podium”.


Daniel Ricciardo 

Daniel Ricciardo, on the other hand, in collaboration with Optus, launched a competition for young artists. The winner of the competition is a young artist Rosie Pettenon whose design we’ll be watching this weekend. 

The helmet will be auctioned off after the weekend and all funds raised will be donated to Save the Children Australia. If you’re interested in participating in the auction, make sure to visit this link before March 30, 2024! 

Valtteri Bottas 

The Australification of Valtteri Bottas seems to be hitting all the right spots for the fans, because we are loving everything this man does. Valtteri Bottas has revealed his “I’m here for the sausage sizzle” helmet designed by Tiffany Cromwell, and people seem to be losing their minds.

In addition to the Sausage Sizzle helmet, Valtteri also launched the Sausage Sizzle merch collection which so far includes a stylish black T-shirt available in men’s and women’s sizes, and a Sausage Sizzle cap. 

Zhou Guanyu 

Now this was a surprise for sure, but in case you missed it, Zhou Guanyu revealed a special Australian vibes helmet design. 

Not only is the helmet featuring a kangaroo and a koala, but it’s featuring a picture of Valtteri Bottas as well! 

Kevin Magnussen 

Ok, it might not be a special helmet, but we do think Kevin earned his spot on our Style Guide list! Great job Kevin. Looking amazing as always. 

Ready For The Australian Grand Prix 2024?!

Are you ready for the third round of the 2024 F1 calendar? We know we are!

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