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Style Guide - Bahrain GP

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A style rundown from PitLaneTea - from special livery to helmets to race suits from every race weekend.

With the 2024 Bahrain GP set to light up the Sakhir desert very soon (finally!) PitLaneTea and FanAmp are taking you on a little journey to uncover the significance, innovation, and artistry behind this year's F1 helmet designs.

We can't believe we are saying this, but it's race week! After the longest 93 days ever, we are finally back to Bahrain for the first race of the Formula 1 2024 season. And with the first race of the season, here comes our eager eye looking for the 2024 F1 helmet designs.

All The 2024 F1 Helmet Designs We’ll See This Year

It was not that long ago that a racing driver rocked the same helmet design for a few seasons. Now that's very rarely seen. More usually, the driver will pick a helmet design for the upcoming season, and then showcase a one-off special helmet to commemorate a certain Grand Prix. 

Special helmet designs drew a lot of attention last year (remember Hamilton’s all chrome helmet for the Japanese Grand Prix?) and we hope this season will bring even more mind-blowing masterpieces. 

While no special designs have been disclosed by the drivers yet, rest assured that should any emerge, PitLaneTea and FanAmp will promptly cover the news!

So, without further ado, here are all the helmets we’ll see at the 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix.

Red Bull 

Red Bull recently unveiled the helmets of Verstappen and Perez on Instagram, showcasing the classic Red Bull color scheme complemented by personalized designs on the tops. Perez's helmet features a tribute to his homeland, while Verstappen's helmet sports the iconic red lion. 


One couldn’t guess it from the Instagram post alone, but if you scroll a bit through the F1 social media posts, you’ll find those amazing photographs of the 2024 grid taken at the pre-season testing, where you can definitely see just how beautiful George’s helmet is! George Russel’s 2024 helmet and race suit combo could be one of the most aesthetically pleasing race looks we’ve seen. The black suit, the white letters, the blue (or tiffany green if you insist) - it all looks perfectly well put together, does it not?

And then we have Lewis Hamilton with the neon green and purple combination. Lewis Hamilton's 2024 helmet design brings a fresh and dynamic look to the track. The neon green kind of offers a sharp, energetic contrast against the sleek purple. This color choice definitely reflects his unique approach to racing aesthetics.

Scuderia Ferrari 

Ferrari helmets will, of course, be red! Charles Leclerc decided to go full red, while Carlos Sainz opted for a touch of yellow. Both helmet designs look absolutely stunning and perfectly complement the iconic red and yellow race suits.  


Now this is a helmet design! Lando Norris posted about his striking black and green helmet design a while ago and the fans are still not shutting about it! 

You might think at first: “How cute, Lando is prioritizing fan engagement over brand representation!” but if you really think about it, Lando is actually being very cheeky and is making an extremely successful marketing campaign for his personal brand LN4.

If you check out his online store, you’ll see that there are a lot of amazing pieces featuring the black and neon green color combo and we are sure that there will be plenty of clothing items featuring the helmet design as the 2024 F1 season progresses.

Oscar Piastri revealed a vibrant helmet featuring plenty of colors and, of course, the flag of Australia. Love it!

Aston Martin 

Lance Stroll revealed a very elegant and sleek looking helmet design covered in the recognizable Aston Martin colors. 

And Fernando Alonso, on the other hand, opted for a more colorful one featuring yellow, red, light, and dark blue. We love both designs and we can’t wait to see them on the grid.

None of the Aston Martin drivers unveiled a special design for the Bahrain Grand Prix, but it’s still rather early in the race weekend so there is definitely still a lot to expect.


Pierre Gasly will be hiding under a blue, and Esteban Ocon under a striking red helmet. Both helmets are looking extremely interesting, and we are sure that they will be very eye-catching on the track! 


Logan Sargeant and Alex Albon’s helmet designs are giving very different vibes. Albon’s helmet seems to be a bit more on the retro side featuring two very trendy colors - blue and pink-ish. 

On the other hand, Logan Sargeant opts for a more traditional racing aesthetic, incorporating homeland hues and proudly displaying the American flag on the side (love it!) In any case, both designs capture the unique spirit and personality of their wearers, do they not?

Visa CashApp RB F1 Team

We are very excited to see Yuki Tsunoda’s helmet design on the track. As Yuki explains it for the fans in a recent Visa CashApp RB video, the helmet is a bit similar to his last year’s helmet design.

The helmet is dark blue and features maple Japanese leaves as well as, as Yuki explains, a traditional Japanese picture which is his lucky charm!

Daniel Ricciardo is on fire with his new helmet design!  His helmet is the only silver helmet on the 2024 grid and it showcases, you guessed it, silver fire. In Daniel Ricciardo’s words - “looks kind of wicked!”

Stake F1 Team

Valtteri Bottas has a very interesting helmet with Northern lights and different constellations. Bottas explains how the Northern star has a very significant meaning in the Finland culture - guiding Fins for decades! The helmet was designed by Valtteri’s girlfriend Tiffany Cromwell. Amazing work!

Zhou Guanyu swept us off our feet! His black helmet features some pretty unique chrome-like designs which include his number, a little bunny, Shanghai skyline and much more.


And finally, last, but not least - Haas F1 team.  Kevin Magnussen has a very VERY different helmet than what he usually wears, and we love it so much! It feels like such a fun and vibrant design. Kevin explains how the helmet is very much in sync with the current sponsors. Great design Kevin. Looking forward to seeing it on the grid!

Nico Hülkenberg will race in a combination of white, black, and neon green. The helmet design is very unique and according to the comments on social media, fans are extremely thrilled to see the helmet on the track this weekend!

Are You Excited?

This season's helmet game is on another level, that’s for sure. Everyone's going all out with designs that are either super personal or just blatantly cool brand flexes. 

Each helmet, from the classic and personal tributes of Red Bull's lineup to the strikingly modern and brand-integrated designs of McLaren and beyond, tells a unique story.  Every helmet is basically saying, "We're here to race, but we're gonna look epic doing it."

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