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Style Guide - Miami GP

Pit Lane
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A style rundown from Pit Lane - from special livery to helmets to race suits and fashion from every race weekend.

With the 2024 Miami GP underway, Pit Lane and FanAmp want you to switch the red lights to green because we're lights out and away we go into the special designs from Ferrari for the Miami Grand Prix!

It's time for Round 6 of the 2024 Formula 1 season - the Miami Grand Prix! The weekend will feature a 100-kilometer Sprint and Grand Prix qualifying on Saturday, that will be followed by the main race on Sunday. Key stats that we need to mention include a 5.412km track length, a lap record of 1:29.708 set by none other than Max Verstappen, and a notable 50% probability for both safety and virtual safety cars!

But we are not here to talk about the stats. We are here to talk about Ferrari!

Scuderia Ferrari Special Livery

Ferrari has unveiled a special livery for the SF-24 race car at the Miami Grand Prix. Considering the social media admin has been teasing us for days, we have to admit that we expected the whole car to be blue. 

However, we can’t say we are disappointed. The color is simply lovely! 

This one-off design commemorates Ferrari's 70th anniversary in North America and includes color accents on various parts of the car. The livery actually pays homage to Ferrari’s racing history in North America and to the iconic drivers and cars from the past. 

The splashes of blue will be featured on the wings, the engine cover, the halo, the rear-view mirrors, the race numbers and the wheel rims. (source: ferrari.com)

Azzurro La Plata

Enzo Ferrari was very keen on this Azzurro La Plata shade of blue which was apparently (according to the information mentioned in the video) used initially during the races in Argentina. The color was also featured on the suits worn by Niki Lauda in 1974 and John Surtees in 1966. Azzurro La Plata was Argentina’s official race color in the 50s and the color that Italian Alberto Ascari used to wear in every race because he believed it to be his lucky charm. 

Azzurro Dino

The darker shade of blue, called Azzurro Dino, was also worn by a number of drivers. The last one to wear it was Clay Regazzoni in 1974. From that point onwards, the drivers' suits transitioned to red (with occasional splashes of white e.g. in 1973 when Philip Morris International was Ferrari’s sponsor)

Miami GP Special Helmet Designs For Leclerc and Sainz 

In sync with the SF-24's unique livery, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will also sport specially designed helmets at the Miami Grand Prix.

Leclerc's helmet design will feature the Azzurro La Plata and Carlos Sainz's helmet will feature the Azzurro Dino shade of blue.

What do you think of the new Ferrari style? Were you disappointed by the car reveal or did you think the splashes of blue were just enough? Let us know! 

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