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Style Guide - Monaco GP

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A style rundown from Pit Lane - from special livery to helmets to race suits and fashion from every race weekend.

With the 2024 Monaco GP underway, Pit Lane and FanAmp want you to switch the red lights to green because we're lights out and away we go into the special designs from McLaren, Alonso, the hometown hero, Charles Leclerc, and so many more for the Monaco Grand Prix!

It goes without saying that Monaco is the home to a large percentage of Formula 1 drivers — hometown hero, Charles Leclerc, World Champions, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, race-winner Lando Norris, and the list goes on and on. Well, can we blame them? The Principality is attractive for its outstanding beauty and no wonder it became the playground for these drivers. 

However, the city streets of Monte Carlo bear the sight of high-octane racing countless times—one too many for the records to keep track of. For instance, the pole position Ayrton Senna secured by 1.4 seconds during the 1988 Monaco Grand Prix.

For some of the drivers on the grid, the Monaco Grand Prix marks a calling for tributes and special dedications. From the McLaren duos—Norris and Oscar Piastri—to Charles Leclerc and Fernando Alonso, drivers and teams came up with a card up their sleeves. Here are the special liveries and helmet designs for the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix.

McLaren: Ayrton Senna special tribute livery

For the Woking-based outfit to unveil a one-off special tribute livery in the streets of Monaco shouldn’t be a surprise. McLaren decorated their MCL38 with colors of the Brazilian national flag and Senna’s famed helmet design. The livery was a collaboration between Senna Global and OKX, in honor of the extraordinary life and legacy left by Ayrton Senna. 

They even designed some race suits to match!

Lando Norris

Norris’ takes on his helmets involve a unique motive—and for the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix, his helmet base of mirrored chrome is infused with Senna’s colors yellow, blue and green. Sporting sponsor logos like OKX and Monster Energy along with his racing number, the British driver’s vision of paying tribute while keeping his style truly resonates.


Oscar Piastri

Racing in the street widely associated with Senna, the Australian driver for McLaren is next to join his team in paying tribute to the legend. Just as vibrant as teammate Norris, Piastri graced his tribute lid with colors representing the Brazilian flag and Senna’s famed colors. Piastri’s special tribute helmet will then be auctioned to raise funds for Instituto Ayrton Senna.

Charles Leclerc

Being the hometown hero and the only Monegasque driver on the grid, it’s no surprise that Leclerc would prepare a one-off helmet design to race in the streets he grew up in.

It's a very pretty red and white color combination helmet.

 Fernando Alonso

Aston Martin Formula 1 team unveiled the special helmet design of Fernando Alonso just a few hours ago and the fans are already having heated debates. Which ones, you might ask?

Well, to sum it up, they are rather disappointed that Alonso’s Monaco 2024 helmet is basically an ad (so they say). But quite honestly, we like it! Maybe most of them forgot some of the most iconic liveries and helmets were practically ads for various companies such as Marlboro, Gulf, Vodafone etc. 

The helmet is giving very much 80s vibes!

Valterri Bottas

Valterri announced a special Ocean themed helmet for Monaco this year to support the Prince Albert II Foundation for the marine life of the Mediterranean Sea. The helmet will be worn at the Grand Prix and then auctioned off to various foundations supporting the Mediterranean Sea and aquatic life.

Nico Hulkenburg

Nico surprised us today with a special Monaco helmet, as well! It isn't widely known that Nico Hulkenburg actually lives in Monaco! His helmet is a tribute to the iconic coastline and sights to be seen in Monaco - with accents alluding to the world famous Monte Carlo Casino. I hate to say it... but this last minute contender may be our favorite!

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