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Style Guide - Saudi Arabian GP

Pit Lane
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A style rundown from Pit Lane - from special livery to helmets to race suits and fashion from every race weekend.

With the 2024 Saudi Arabian GP quickly approaching on the streets of Jeddah, Pit Lane and FanAmp want you to switch the red lights to green because we’re lights out and away we go into the world of F1 drivers’ fashion in Jeddah for Media Day!

Eyes are set on these Formula 1 drivers as they finally step foot in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia! As always, drivers are showing up to the paddock in absolute style – and prior to this weekend’s race, we have our gaze pierced through camera lenses as anticipation for the race weekend reaches fever pitch. 

Before we get into the fashion... Have you noticed anything different in the Jeddah Paddock?

The Jeddah Circuit has recently posted an extremely interesting Instagram Reel - a compilation of all the drivers and their names written in both English and Arabic calligraphy.

“A touch of tradition!” says the caption of the Reel! 

This is the first time that F1 is showcasing the names in Arabic and we think it's brilliant. What a great way of incorporating the culture into the sport and capturing the attention of the fans.

Zhou Guanyu

We should be aware by now of Zhou Guanyu’s ability to impress at all times. Draped in Christian Dior’s loose fit t-shirt of blue wool and cotton blend tweed, Zhou is the first driver to hit the paddock in Jeddah. The weather-appropriate shirt and pants set in complementary colors is ideal for the laid-back vibe, and Zhou’s casually chic paddock style is one we should definitely keep tabs on for the 2024 season. 

Lewis Hamilton

Who was looking forward to the Lewis Hamilton 2024 fashion show? - We were! 

Lewis Hamilton, an eternal icon on and off track, embraced the Jeddah paddock clad in a sleek ensemble of see-through pale yellow top and pants of a matching color tone. Hamilton perfectly incorporated his outfit from the bottom to the top, looking effortlessly sophisticated – and nothing will ever go wrong with his fashion style! Master of looking casual yet silently luxurious, that’s one obvious statement to describe Lewis Hamilton. 

Lando Norris

The Jeddah paddock might be drenched under the 32°C weather, but it doesn’t stop Lando Norris from sporting a white Eric Emmanuel EE hoodie and a mossy green bucket hat to top it off! Even in a scorching heat, Norris showcased his eclectic sense of style. We’ve seen Norris decked up in an Eric Emmanuel set before, having previously been spotted in their basic sweatpants in Bahrain. Heat is not an issue for the British driver, and it’s about time we welcome ‘bucket hat Lando’ back into the paddock! 

Daniel Ricciardo

Last week, we saw Ricciardo representing his brand Enchanté. This week, Ricciardo electrified the Jeddah paddock in a playful mini-diamond pattern in shades of green, blue, and yellow. His color scheme reflects his lively and sparkling personality (look at that contagious smile!) – and it screams the perfect combination of bold and refined elegance for Ricciardo. 

Yuki Tsunoda

The Visa Cash App RB driver looked absolutely stunning, donned in a sleek black tank-top and layered with an unbuttoned beige t-shirt – to say that Yuki Tsunoda definitely rocked this look is an understatement. Tsunoda’s appearance displayed his coolness within casual outfits, putting sophistication to a different level. Tsunoda pulled off a versatile and practical look, allowing him to quickly stroll through the paddock with extreme ease. Bonus point, the Jeddah heat wouldn’t be a problem for him! He could easily take his outer off and still rock his black tank-top along with the same-colored pants. 

Oscar Piastri

Oscar Piastri of McLaren made a stylish entrance into the Jeddah paddock wearing HUGO BOSS’ light blue cotton-jersey t-shirt with logo patch, elegantly adorned with his choice of beige pants to complete his set seamlessly! He embodies a minimalistic aesthetic with his approach of faded and pale in hue colors, carrying an undeniable touch of refinement to his fashion style. Piastri’s appearance in Jeddah showed his effortless charm with his minimalistic flair, leaving a classic yet lasting impression! Also featured is Oscar's trainer, Kim, rocking the McLaren team kit!

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