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Our newest community is here! Meet Lynnette and Allison from IGAF1!

Hey everyone, Logan from FanAmp here with some VERY exciting news!

Introducing our newest FanAmp base… IGAF1!

We are so excited to announce our partnership with the I Give An F1 podcast and to welcome their community into FanAmp. Their base will be an exciting place to engage with other fans during the race weekends and or during the off season! Make sure you don’t miss out and keep reading to find out more about them!

Q: When did you get into Formula 1 and how did IGAF1 come to be?

Lynnette:  I started watching back in 2011 and they used to not show the races here in the US so we would have to find different ways to watch them. In 2012, they finally started showing the races and I’ve basically been watching ever since! My first race was in 2013 in Austin, and I’ve been going ever since, to the Austin race at least. It’s become a yearly thing that we go to COTA since it’s such a great race to go to. 

In 2022, I met Allison at the race and she brought up the idea of starting a podcast and we just went with it. We met and hit it off and we just made it happen! We just met while we were walking around COTA during one of the breaks and we started talking all things Formula 1 and that was it.

Allison: I started watching Drive to Survive during the pandemic, so I am a DTS fan and I’m repping all those new fans out there. Lynnette is repping all the older fans out there and it’s been great to have met Lynnette because there is no gatekeeping there and she’s very happy to accept any and all that are interested in Formula 1. When we got to chatting at the race I was like, “I feel like she’s the one!” because I had always wanted to start a podcast about Formula 1, I didn’t want to start one about anything else. I just thought it would be a great way to get out there and talk about it and now here we are!

We have gone to quite a few races which is also where we have common ground and Monza is both our favorite race so we had a lot to talk about. 

Lynnette: I went to Monza in 2019 as a Ferrari fan which was a pretty good time to go.

Allison: We've been to two races together now.

Lynnette: Yes, one last year and the one in 2022. We are hoping to make it out to an international race soon though!

Allison: I’m planning to head to the Spanish Grand Prix this year, so if anyone is there, hit me up!

Q: What did you two want to bring to the F1 community that you felt lacked before?

Allison: I think for us when we were talking about how we wanted to formulate our podcast on a weekly basis, we started to look at a bunch of different creators. Believe it or not, there are a lot of women that are in the Formula 1 hemisphere and they create amazing content. I will say a lot of it is geared towards pop culture and the driver’s personal lives, which we love and I love to listen to it all day long, but I don’t think I necessarily need to talk about it all day long. It’s just a difference in what you prefer and how you express yourself on the podcast.

So for me and Lynnette, we wanted to focus more just on track content like the teams, the news, the race recap, predictions and then we want to get the people who follow us involved and provide a way for them to get their talk out as well. As an F1 fan, it is hard to find other F1 fans even though it is a big thing now and it’s still growing. It’s hard to find those people that you love to chat with every weekend about it and so that’s kind of why we’re here. We just want to keep it fully motorsport and F1 and just be two girls talking about it. So it’s not really that complicated of a formula but I think there is a need for that and so we’re here to deliver. 

Lynnette: Another thing that I wanted to do with our podcast was to keep it pretty neutral. Like I said, I’m a hardcore Ferrari fan but for the podcast, I didn’t want to make anyone feel left out and have us be bashing drivers or bashing anybody in Formula 1 or even just focusing too much on one driver. We really just want to focus on performance, the teams, just talk about all those aspects and not really alienate anybody and if we do give some criticism, it’s more just on performance or how the team did, just more technical things. We don’t want to focus on personal or gossip or any of that kind of stuff, so we just want to make sure everyone can feel involved. 

Allison: For some of the current news that’s been coming out, we won’t comment on it unless it has actually been confirmed, then we feel we can speak on it a bit. We try to keep the drama as much away from the podcast as we can because we just want it to be a fun space where we talk about the teams and other F1 stuff. 

Lynnette: People have strong opinions and it doesn’t matter what they think, if you say something opposite to what they believe, they’re just going to go all out on you so we’d rather just wait for things to become official and then we can talk about it. Just keep it about the facts and that's it. 

Q: What can your audience expect from the partnership with FanAmp?

Allison: So we have one channel which will be called the Pit-Crew Channel which will basically be an open forum where we’ll talk about the race weekends and any news. We’ll also let people know about merch drops ahead of time because we have merch as well. 

Then, the other channel is just questions for the podcast, it will be kind of an open question chat. If people have questions for us, then they can drop them in there and then we’ll give them a shoutout on the podcast and we talk about it. 

Lynnette: We love getting everyone involved and giving us things to talk about. 

Q: If you could interview anyone in the F1 world, who would it be and why?

Lynnette: Well, I’m going to say that I would like to interview Sebastian Vettel because he is my favorite Formula 1 driver. I get asked this question and I always give a different answer, so I’m going to go with Vettel this time. 

I really wish that Allison had watched Formula 1 when he was in Ferrari, because she would think completely differently. It was just a whole other world when he was in Ferrari. But yes, I think he would give a good interview and he has a good, funny personality, so it would be fun!

Allison: I think now I just know him as, you know, very granola. He wants to save the world and all of that, which is amazing and very commendable, cleaning up the stands after the fans and everything, I love all of that. But I just never really got to see him in his prime.

This is a tough one, but it’s not because I would totally want to interview Charles Leclerc because he is my favorite driver. I just think he would be really cool to interview and I’m really curious what it would be like growing up in Monaco, just because you know, I’ve been there and traveled there and I love it, but just to live there would be so interesting to me. And he is the Monegasque driver so I’d love to know his perspective. I would also be really interested to know more about his relationship with Jules Bianchi and just about how close they were and how much of an inspiration he was. Leclerc has also had another driver friend who passed away in an accident I believe, and he lost his father at a young age so I feel like he’s been through a lot and I would just know how you overcome the grief of that and still do an amazing job. He is very inspirational to me, so yes, I would love to interview him. 

Q: What exciting events / plans do you have for the upcoming 2024 season?

Lynnette: Not really, not for me. Just looking forward to any other opportunities that come up. Last year we got to do some stuff with COTA and we went out for a day on the track with them which was a great time there. And so, who knows what else might come up this year with Formula 1!

Allison: I would have really liked to have gone to one of the car launch parties, so maybe next year that will be a goal for us to make a car launch party, or something along those lines. But that kind of is it as far as races go, unless something comes up randomly. 

We’re taking it easy with the races, but we’re also taking our podcast very seriously this year to make sure that we provide quality content for our followers and get some fun interviews so we’re looking forward to that. We’ll make it to more races, we usually do that anyway just for fun!

A live show or podcast has always been an option for us, what do you think Lynnette?

Lynnette: I don’t know, we could, I don’t know exactly how it would work…

Allison: I think they do them on YouTube and possibly Riverside. We would need to figure that out but yes a live podcast would be awesome or even one in person. We’ve also thought about maybe doing watch parties so we’ll see.

Lynnette: I think we want to focus on creating good content and obviously going to the races is fun for personal experience, but as far as for the podcast, I think sometimes we can even bring more to our listeners by being in the studio or recording or creating content for Instagram or Youtube. Just a better way for them to engage with us.

Allison: Yes and I think if you’re floating content out there all the time about how many races you go to, people might get sick of seeing it. We just want to be there for our followers and give them interesting information where we’ll do reels on Flow Viz and track facts and things like that and I think it’s hard to do that when you’re traveling and going to races all the time. As much as we love going to races, we have a full time job as well, so I don’t have all the time in the world to do that and it’s fun to just kind of pick and choose the ones you like and be able to enjoy those experiences and not be working.

If you’re going for work, it can be a little bit stressful sometimes too, so just picking the races that we like and having a good time is better. Nothing will replace the feeling of being at a race live, but there are those moments when I’m happy to be at home on my couch watching it since there are so many things you miss, like the helmet cams or driver radios. If we were at 100% of the races all year round, I feel like we would miss a lot. I don’t ever want to miss COTA though, it’s like our home. 

Lynnette: We enjoy when we do go, not to have the excitement taken away by putting stress on ourselves to feel like “We have to create this…” or show other people what is going on.

Q: What would be a dream race or circuit you would love to travel to?

Allison: I think Lynnette has already been to her dream race!

Lynnette: Yes, I’ve already been to my dream circuit and race, seeing Charles win in Monza was incredible, but I’d like to go to Spa and see the cars going up Eau Rouge. Austria would also be nice, but Imola is definitely on the top of my list since it might not be on the calendar for much longer. As a Ferrari fan, I really would love to go to that one and the track is literally named after the founder of Ferrari, like why wouldn’t you want to go! I’ll go anywhere. 

Allison: Yes exactly, I don’t think any of them are bad. Actually, I told Lynnette that there are races I wouldn’t want to go to… they’re the ones where you can’t drink while you’re at the track. I’m a Texas girl, I like my cocktails and my margaritas, you know, I need to have something that I’m sipping on while watching Formula 1.

As far as dream races, Lynnette said it right, like Monza for sure was top of the list and we made it happen. Aside from that, I would really love to go to Monaco, just for the vibes. And then Imola for sure just because of all the history and then Silverstone as well. I think Silverstone would be a very fun track and we’ve got buddies in the UK, so I feel like Lynnette and I would have a place to stay!

Q: Do you have any new merch designs coming out or do you have a current favorite one?

Allison: The Princess George shirt is definitely my favorite.

Lynnette: We’re working on some new stuff for this year too so hopefully those are out soon.

Allison: The good thing is that we kind of are able to get it out as it happens. Our merch is just really fun, it’s not anything special but we love it because they’re very niche, kind of like if you know you know. So between this one and the Inchident shirt, I would say those are our most popular. If someone sees you wearing our merch and they understand it, then you know those are your people. We’re already trying to get some Drive to Survive notes in there too so stay tuned. 

IGAF Merch collection

We design them ourselves and we just feel like they’re fun and I’ve always wanted to be able to buy merch but I couldn’t find what I wanted so we thought, why not just make it?

Q: Where can people find you and any last thoughts?

Lynnette: Yes, you can find us on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok. The IGAF1 podcast can be found on Spotify and Apple. On Instagram, we’re posting pretty much everyday of the week. Our podcast episodes come out once a week for the race recaps and we might start trying to do a little more, you know, depending on time and schedules. But for sure we have our race recaps every week and lastly, our merch which you can find at shop.igaf1.com

On behalf of FanAmp, we are so thrilled to have IGAF1 now a part of our community! Be sure to check out their Base and follow along on their socials for their race recaps and daily posts!

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