F1 Coffee Corner

Terry Widdows

Terry - aptly named F1 Coffee Corner for his F1 news over a cup of coffee - is the Technical Correspondent of The Fantasy Formula team. Each week, he reports on the latest upgrades and their implications for Formula 1 Fantasy and FanAmp. Terry set up F1 Coffee Corner in 2022 as a way to use 25+ years of experience watching the sport, understanding the rule book, and cleverly finding the latest news. The F1 Coffee Corner FanAmp Base and social channels offer the F1 community new and old a place to share the latest Formula 1 headlines, tech updates, and insider information in an environment that’s inclusive to all. Terry is highly active there and loves discussing the latest developments. With now over 25,000 followers across social platforms, he’s created a reputation as a go to channel for news based on his factual, unbiased news rarely seen without a coffee or a Formula 1 top on if there is news in the F1 world you can be sure he’s there with the latest updates.