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FanPicks: Sector 1 Winners!

FanAmp Team
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Lando Norris's maiden win marks the end of Sector 1!

Over the first six race weekends, the FanAmp community has been feverishly competing for points, glory, and - of course - amazing prizes! If you're new to our FanPicks then be sure to read up on how to play and join in (it's fun and free!!). Best of all, you don't need to come in first for a chance at a prize.

For those of you eager to see the winners, the wait is over...

Congratulations to is91sam and josephdavidescochang!!!

The Sector 1 schedule and winners

is91sam led the pack with the most points overall (5,005), taking home $100 in amazing merch from Fifth Gear Garms or Furious Motorsport!

josephdavidescochang also walks away with the giveaway prize - $25 to Fifth Gear Garms or Furious Motorsport - just for playing along this sector. They earned an impressive 2,291 points.

Top players

Curious to see how you stacked up against your friends? You can always head to Picks and Achievements under the more menu to check your points and rank. Or, you can look here for everyone who finished rank 250 or better:

More chances to win

The Sector 2 Picks schedule

While Sector 1 is finished, there are still many more chances to win all season long. Sector 2 is already under way and lasts through Silverstone. Play along in FanAmp for every Sprint Qualifying, Qualifying, and Grand Prix session to earn bonuses and maximize your points.

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