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FanAmp's 2024 Formula 1 FanPicks are live!

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We're back with the 2024 edition of FanAmp's Formula 1 race week prediction game: FanPicks. It's THE best way to play along with the on-track action all season long!


Do you and your friends compete to see who can guess the winner of every race? Do you love playing F1 Fantasy? Are you just a casual fan? No matter what, you're going to love making Picks - FanAmp's predictions - every race weekend. Lock in what you think will happen before Sprint Qualifying, Race Qualifying, and Grand Prix Race session to score points for what you get right. It’s addictive and completely FREE.


  1. Sprint Qualifying
  2. Race Qualifying
  3. Race

NOTE The Sprint will still have a live chat - even without picks!

Screenshots of picking drivers and teams


Earn bonus points for inviting friends, playing weekly, and more. Watch your name climb the leaderboard and enjoy those bragging rights; you earned ‘em.

Screenshot of points and the leaderboard


Compete to win amazing prizes throughout the season just for locking in your picks! You could take home tickets to a Grand Prix, F1-inspired merch, and more.

Illustration of the prizes you can win


Making Picks requires consistency, skill, and a little luck. Fight your way through the season for a chance to claim tickets to ANY Grand Prix of your choosing, among other amazing prizes.

The prize breakdown for 2023

Read our details and disclosures for further details on all prizes.


Make your picks, invite friends, and play every week. The more points you earn, the higher your chances of walking away with sweet prizes.

In addition, we split the calendar into four Sectors, each with its own separate leaderboard and winners. That way you don't have to wait until Abu Dhabi to walk away with a prize.

The 2023 season sector map

For example, Sector 1 leaderboard and giveaway winners are based on Picks and bonuses made for Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Japan, China, and Miami.


FanPicks are LIVE and last throughout the 2024 Formula 1 season, starting with Qualifying in Bahrain. The picks for each race go live in the application ~24-36 hours before the scheduled start time and close just before the session begins. The last session to make Picks for is the Grand Prix Race in Abu Dhabi, and no more points can be earned for the season after December 9, 2024.


To make picks, simply log in to FanAmp and head to the Events tab. If Picks are available, you'll see a visual indicator and can tap the screen. We'll also send alerts, so make sure notifications are enabled!

FanAmp home screen with Picks indicator showing


The primary way to earn points is by making Picks for every Sprint Qualifying, Race Qualifying, and Grand Prix Race. You're awarded points for accuracy and, for some questions, the place your chosen drivers finish. These are tallied and tracked in the Profile section of the app after every race.

Correct Picks aren't the only way to earn points. Special Bonuses and Achievements are awarded as you play and use the app. Pay attention to these as they can really juice up your points total if you're playing consistently and exploring the app. Don't miss out!

Earn bonus points every time you:

A sample of the many ways you can earn extra points

Note: You only earn points for updating your profile once.

Read our details and disclosures for further details on all Picks points.


Track your Picks prowess directly in FanAmp by heading to the Picks and Achievements section of the menu (tap "More"). There you'll find your Sector, Season and Lifetime progress, as well as a detailed history of every race and decision. Be sure to check back regularly for new achievement opportunities and, of course, bragging rights (we know you will).

Picks history and leaderboard ranking
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