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Exploring the Beauty of Austria: Must-Visit Destinations Near Spielberg for an Enchanting Experience

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While attending the Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg, why not make the most of your time and explore the charming surroundings and some of the region's iconic destinations? Beyond the thrill of the race, this remarkable area is adorned with a rich tapestry of historical landmarks, architectural marvels, natural wonders, and cultural gems. Sit back as we take you on tour, unveiling the must-visit places near Spielberg that will add a touch of wonder to your itinerary. 


Der Hauptplatz von Landsberg am Lech

In the heart of Graz's old town, Hauptplatz is the main square to visit and the ideal starting point for sightseeing. Stroll through the city's main streets, like Herrengasse, Sackstrasse, and Murgasse, admire the Rathaus (town hall) and numerous historical buildings with their superb colorful facades, and discover an abundance of charming bars and restaurants where you can unwind and savor a refreshing drink. For a quick and delectable lunch experience at Hauptplatz, we suggest trying one of the many food trucks that serve delicious Austrian specialties.


Murinsel at night

Murinsel is an artificial island on the Moore River and a renowned attraction that gained fame as part of the European Capital of Culture celebrations in 2003. This remarkable floating structure, resembling an impressive half-shell, captivates visitors with its architectural splendor. Alongside its inviting ambiance, Murinsel also features a striking nighttime illumination, making it an exceptional destination for those seeking artistic and visual delights. For a unique experience, visit the theater or the popular café directly under the water-cooled glass roof, which provides a delightful spot for relaxation while offering stunning views of the flowing river below. 


Schlossberg Graz

Discover the captivating Schlossberg, a 123-meter hill overlooking Graz, offering breathtaking panoramic views. You have 3 options to get there from Graz city center: on foot from Schlossbergplatz square (30-minute climb), by hill-piercing elevator, or via the funicular from Emperor Franz Joseph Square. Explore the delightful park, savor local cuisine, and marvel at the stunning vistas of Graz's rooftops against majestic mountains.

The Styrian Armoury (Landeszeughaus)

This museum boasts an extensive collection of 32,000 armor and weapon pieces, including some from the medieval ages. It is a must-see attraction, showcasing shining metal armor, swords, cannons, staff, firearms, falconets, spears, pikes, and a cavalry army. Visiting this museum feels like stepping into a medieval war wardrobe from a fantasy movie.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum in Thal, near Graz, provides a unique opportunity to explore the childhood and career of the international star. Housed in a stunning 1806 building, the museum offers an intimate insight into Schwarzenegger's life. It's a must-visit for fans and those interested in the fascinating journey of this iconic figure.

Styrian Wineries

Discover the charm of Styria, Austria's smallest wine-growing region, with its diverse terroirs and outstanding white wines. From crisp classics to powerful barrel-aged varieties, the winemakers here embrace the region's unique climate and soils. For more information and to plan your visit, explore WineTourism.com, where you'll find a curated list of wineries in Styria offering direct booking options.

Burgruine Eppenstein

Burgruine Eppenstein

Step into a world of history and wonder as you explore the remnants of this ancient fortress and let Burgruine Eppenstein transport you back in time, revealing a captivating glimpse into the medieval heritage of Austria. Gazing from its elevated position in the Austrian state of Styria, this ancient ruined medieval castle, constructed around 1000 AD, once served as the ancestral seat of the esteemed Eppenstein dynasty.

Kunsthaus Graz

Often referred to as the "friendly alien," Kunsthaus Graz stands as an awe-inspiring testament to architectural ingenuity. Nestled amidst timeless urban structures, this contemporary art museum in Graz evokes wonder and enthusiasm in all who witness its grandeur. The Kunsthaus, resembling a mystical blue balloon suspended delicately above the historic city center, creates a mesmerizing interplay between tradition and innovation. Its creators envisioned it as a friendly alien, and its magnetic charm effortlessly draws visitors into its captivating realm.


At an elevation of 1,670 meters (5,500 feet), the magnificent Steinplan in Knittelfeld offers an easily accessible mountain experience. Whether you choose to hike or bike, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Mur Valley from its summit. The Steinplan is a perfect vantage point, allowing you to admire the scenic beauty of Murtal and Carinthia. Don't miss the chance to visit the open hut, available from early May to early November, where you can take a break and savor the serene surroundings. And if you're looking to add some hiking adventures to your itinerary during the Grand Prix, Steinplan is a noteworthy hiking highlight to explore.

For visitors attending the Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix, the region of Spielberg provides a variety of experiences to suit all tastes. Whether it's the vibrant city of Graz or the unique artificial island of Murinsel, there is something enjoyable for everyone. Therefore, explore beyond Spielberg and uncover the enchanting beauty of Austria on your Grand Prix adventure.

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