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FanAmp Fan Takes - Emilia Romagna Grand Prix 2024

FanAmp Team
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The FanAmp Team chatted with our community members who attended the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola this year - hear what these F1 Fans had to say about their experience!

Welcome to our series - FanAmp Fan Takes, where F1 fans from all walks of life give you their tips, tricks, and insights about attending Grand Prix's all over the world.

Giada (@ghiandma) - Long time fan, attended various GPs (<10) around Europe

Giada FanAmp Fan Take
Giada (ghiandma)

One piece of advice for people traveling

The easiest way to get to Imola is using the train and public transit. You need to plan ahead for long queuing times - especially on Saturday and Sunday- getting to and from the track. On that note, if you have General Admission - you definitely need to arrive as early as possible. One great thing about Imola GA is that its inexpensive and there are great viewing spots (if you plan ahead).

One thing that surprised you

I have been to the Emilia Romagna (Imola) Grand Prix more than once. That being said, I had a point of reference to prior races here. I expected a bit more organization from the hosts on track and the track itself. This year, the queueing times and lines for the entrance to the circuit and the trains were abnormally long compared to prior years that I've attended.

One thing you brought with you that you couldn’t live without

This is probably a bit obvious, but most races do not offer a lot of cover from the sun. Bring. Sunscreen. Even if its cloudy, you can and will get sunburnt after being outside for hours 3 days in a row.

Desiree & Virginia (@pitlane_twins) - Long-time fans, attended 11 different races

Pitlane Twins FanAmp Fan Takes
Pitlane Twins

One piece of advice for people traveling

This track is GREAT for Ferrari Fans! You will witness a piece of F1 history at this track and have the best time (although all team fans are welcome, of course)! This race is also quite easy to reach with public transportation - you don't need to rent a car or worry about getting a rideshare.

One thing that surprised you

Compared to some other tracks and races that we have visited, the organization is much better. There weren't many long queues, except on Sunday - specifically waiting for the trains.

One thing you brought with you that you couldn’t live without

You want to be able to protect yourself from the elements, especially if it's very sunny - bring a hat!

Marcin (@Pelikan7) - Formula 1 Fan since Kubica debut, 2nd race ever

Marcin (Pelikan7) FanAmp Fan Takes Imola
Marcin (Pelikan7)

One piece of advice for people traveling

Make sure that you prepare before the race! You should check where your grandstand is in relation to the entrance/exit, how long it takes to get to the Fan Zone, the full schedule, and then add 30 minutes onto the time that you planned on actually arriving. The traffic and queues at the circuit and train stations can vary! Also make sure that you check the weather forecast every day. You may need to bring an umbrella and rain coat one day and sun protection the next (or both in the same day).

One thing that surprised you

I came to the track extremely prepared, so I think what surprised me is that nothing really surprised me! The track is well run and everything was reliable! So, take a page out of my book when planning! I was shocked at how insanely quick the marshals were at cleaning up racing debris!

One thing you brought with you that you couldn’t live without

Almost all of the grandstands and general admission areas have no protection from the elements! Make sure you bring rain or sun protection daily.

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