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Monaco GP Official Fan Zones

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The iconic Monaco Grand Prix has one of the best trackside atmospheres for the fans... Don't miss out on live music, interactive displays and seeing your favorite driver!

It is that time of year again when the drivers, teams and fans take to the streets of Monte Carlo for the infamous Monaco Grand Prix!

This year, the Grand Prix will run from Thursday May 23rd to Sunday May 26th.

Like every year, Monaco has incorporated a Fan Zone where their race goers can hear their favorite drivers speak about their season so far, as well as being able to enjoy live music and different interactive displays. The amazing thing about the Monaco Fan Zone is that it is located in a public area which means you don't even need a race ticket to enter the vicinity. Anybody can enjoy what is being offered and feel immersed in the atmosphere of the Grand Prix.

Date and time: 9am - 9pm Thursday May 23rd to Sunday May 26th

Cost: Free

Where: MGP Live Fan Zone located at Place D'Armes

Here is what you can expect in the Fan Zone:

  • Red Bull E-Sport simulators
  • Live DJ (Friday evening)
  • Concerts (Saturday & Sunday after the final on track sessions)
  • Red Bull Pit Stop Challenge
  • Appearances from all 20 drivers over the course of the weekend
  • Interviews from team personnel

For more information, make sure to check out the official website so you don't miss out on any important details.

Click here for the official driver and team personnel interview schedule.

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