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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Grandstands at the Monaco F1 GP: Views, Accessibility & Custom Ticketing Ideas

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Tips and Tricks for choosing the best grandstands at Monaco for a thrilling race weekend

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The Monaco F1 Grand Prix is a legendary race that takes place in the heart of Monte Carlo, offering spectators a unique experience as they watch the world's best drivers navigate the narrow and twisting streets of the Principality. With a rich history dating back to 1929, the Monaco GP is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious and glamorous events on the F1 calendar.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at the best grandstands to sit in for the Monaco F1 GP, considering the views and accessibility of each location. We will also explore custom ticketing ideas to help you make the most of your experience at this iconic race.

These are the top grandstands you should consider when planning a trip and buying tickets:

Top grandstands in Monaco

Grandstand K

Grandstand K is located at the famous Tabac Corner, offering an excellent view of the cars as they race along the harbor at high speed. From here, you'll be able to witness the thrilling overtaking maneuvers, as well as the cars braking hard into the chicane. Additionally, you'll have a great view of the yachts moored in the harbor, adding to the unique atmosphere of the event.

Grandstand V

Situated next to the renowned swimming pool complex, Grandstand V offers a unique perspective on the race. You'll be able to see the cars navigate the tight and technical pool section, with the backdrop of the luxurious yachts and the Mediterranean Sea. This grandstand is perfect for those who want to be immersed in the glamorous atmosphere of Monaco.

Grandstand B

Grandstand B is located in the heart of Monte Carlo, right in front of the iconic Casino de Monte-Carlo. From here, you'll have a fantastic view of the cars as they race around the famous Casino Square, and you'll be able to witness the skill and precision of the drivers as they tackle this challenging section of the track.

Grandstand O

Grandstand O, nestled between the smaller N and P tribunes, offers an average track view but compensates with an incredible atmosphere and stunning Monte Carlo skyline backdrop for picture-perfect photos. The upper rows provide an excellent view of La Picine's first and second chicanes, while a giant screen opposite is easily visible from all seats. Though the grandstand is further from the track, binoculars can enhance the distant view of the pits.

Grandstand T

Tribune T, with three sections (T1, T2, and T3), offers varying views and experiences. T1, the largest seating area with over 1500 seats, provides prime views of cars navigating the chicane, especially for those seated close to the right side. T2 offers pit lane entrance views and proximity to top team garages but lacks impressive track views, making it the least desirable of the three sections. T3, the coziest section, allows spectators to witness cars slowing down for the tight Rascasse corner and observe top teams' garages near the pit lane entry. Grandstand T is the best vantage point for pit lane activities and offers shelter for the top five rows. However, unevenly spaced steps should be noted as a potential hazard.


When considering the best grandstands, accessibility is a crucial factor. The Monaco F1 GP takes place in a densely populated urban area, which can make access to certain grandstands more difficult. However, the organizers have taken measures to ensure that spectators with limited mobility can still enjoy the race.

  • Grandstand K: This grandstand is accessible via a flat and paved path, making it suitable for wheelchair users and those with limited mobility
  • Grandstand V: Although there is a slight incline leading to this grandstand, it is generally considered accessible for most spectators. Wheelchair spaces are also available
  • Grandstand B: This grandstand is situated in the center of Monte Carlo, with easy access to public transportation and nearby amenities. There are designated wheelchair spaces and a ramp for easier access

Custom Ticketing Ideas

To make the most of your Monaco F1 GP experience, consider custom ticketing options that cater to your unique preferences and needs:

  • VIP Packages: Elevate your experience with VIP packages that offer exclusive access to premium seating, gourmet catering, and open bars, as well as unique views of the track and pit lane
  • Multi-Grandstand Passes: Enjoy different perspectives of the race by choosing a multi-grandstand pass, allowing you to switch between selected grandstands on different days of the event
  • Terrace Viewing: Experience the race from a private terrace overlooking the track, offering unparalleled views and a more intimate setting. These packages often include catering and drinks, making it a luxurious way to enjoy the Monaco GP

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