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FanAmp Fan Takes - Australian Grand Prix 2024

FanAmp Team
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The FanAmp Team chatted with our community members who attended the Australian Grand Prix this year - hear what these F1 Fans had to say about their experience!

Welcome to our series - FanAmp Fan Takes, where F1 fans from all walks of life give you their tips, tricks, and insights about attending Grand Prix's all over the world.

Luke (@F1LukeSam) - Long Time F1 Fan, 3rd Aus GP


One piece of advice for people traveling

Be prepared to line up for everything - it’s a busy weekend full of people. If you can’t pack sunscreen, don’t panic, there are people handing it out. General Admission isn’t ideal because there will be little to no spots to watch the race/sessions, and even if you’re in a grandstand aim to get there early. Arriving when the track opens or just before is the key for F1 races that expect very high attendance.

One thing that surprised you

The sheer amount of people. It was the third most attended race in Formula 1 history, and it sure felt like it. The waits to get to certain parts of the track were lengthy. Also, the amount of food/activation events around. There was food at every corner of the track, and activation events to keep you busy like QuadLock, Toyota, the fan forum, sunscreen stands etc..

One thing you brought with you that you couldn’t live without

For context, I am a content creator - but this can apply to anyone who wants to capture content at an F1 race! It’s hard to capture a “unique” shot at a Formula 1 race, especially in Australia without photography access, but if you can track a fast car and get the focus right, the camera will look straight through the crowd catcher and snap a great pic.

I brought a Sony A6400 (I used for photos across the weekend) and my DJI Osmo Pocket 3 which I used to record short form videos and vlog with the DJI Mic 2. Anyone making content should invest in a DJI Osmo Pocket 3. It’s auto-stabilising, shoots up to 4k60fps, automatic everything (new creator friendly) and fits into your pocket.

There was no trouble getting any of it past security, and for such a big event the security was surprisingly lenient. Unless you have a HUGE lens, you will be fine.
Be careful with mics though, a lot of cheap ones will give cheap sound. A $20 one off amazon will not do the trick if you want high quality.

Rachel (@Rachel) - Lifetime Fan, 15th Grand Prix since 1990

Rachel FanTakes

One piece of advice for people traveling

Consider using the Thursday as your reconnaissance day, even if you're not into the support races. This was my 10th or 11th Melbourne Grand Prix, and I live close to Albert Park so see much of the circuit infrastructure being erected, but I still take at least a few hours on the Thursday to wander around in order to suss out where everything is in a given year and what access is like. As the quietest day, Thursday is also fantastic for checking out the various activations and making any purchases. And if you have a General Admission ticket (aka Park Pass), you can usually check out the grandstand seating on a Thursday whilst considering whether you want to bring a chair with you on the other days!

One thing that surprised you

Just how hectic it is at the circuit! It's been increasingly busy every year since F1 returned to Melbourne in 2022, and yet it still surprises me that it actually feels as busy as it does when 130,000 people converge at the track. (Be prepared to queue - for food, for bathrooms, to cross the overpasses, etc - during peak times.)

One thing you brought with you that you couldn’t live without

Umm, there are three: Ultra Violette SPF50+ sunscreens (because they don't feel gross and the UV in this part of the world is no joke!), a picnic blanket (to sit on when I wasn't in my grandstand seat) and a power bank (to charge my iPhone and AirPods)

Australian GP Local Tips from Rachel

  • I generally bring snacks and an empty water bottle to fill at one of the water stations across the circuit so that I can avoid needing to buy food/drinks at the busiest times.
  • As I’m not running for Melbourne Walk or a prime General Admission viewing area, I don’t head down to the circuit until after the gates have already opened and those who queued to get in have entered the circuit.
  • I generally wait for the grandstands to empty out before leaving for the day. After the race, I usually wait for at least an hour before heading home. I live locally, so walk or ride my bicycle to the circuit, but there are still wait times for public transport running into the city at that point.
  • I allow plenty of time to cross from the inside or outside of the circuit, particularly when using the overpasses closest to Gate 1 and the pontoon bridge across the lake, which get super busy - or I sometimes opt to take the long way around the lake in order to avoid!

Elliot Thoburn - Fan since 2020, First Race

Elliot Thoburn
Elliot is in the Red Shirt

One piece of advice for people traveling

I had a General Admission ticket, so my experience may be different than those with Grandstand Tickets. Get to the race early, bring a lawn chair, and sun protection. If you can, find an elevated place so that you can see the track and if possible - a TV to know what’s going on in the race. Attending Friday and Saturday will be less busy although this race was extremely busy every day!

One thing that surprised you

I was blown away by how busy the circuit was the entire weekend. It was my first race, so I didn't know HOW MANY people would actually attend. Also, of course from a racing point of view, everyone was shocked by the Max Verstappen DNF.

One thing you brought with you that you couldn’t live without

It is extremely sunny and pretty warm in Melbourne during this time of year. I absolutely would not have been able to see anything or stay comfortable without a hat and sunglasses.

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