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FanAmp Fan Takes - 2023 Japanese Grand Prix

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The FanAmp Team attended the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka this year - hear what other F1 Fans had to say about their experience!

Welcome to our series - FanAmp Fan Takes, where F1 fans from all walks of life give you their tips, tricks, and insights about attending Grand Prix's all over the world.

Cory (@cbc5714) - New F1 Fan, 1st Race

Fan Takes Cory Japanese GP

One piece of advice for people traveling

Traveling to and from the circuit is often something that people don’t plan ahead for, unless they know it’s far away from where they’re staying. In Japan, you need to plan to leave early to arrive to the track and leave the track as early as possible after each session. The traffic is crazy and if you wait too long, lines for the train and shuttle can take hours.

One thing that surprised you

This was my first race, so I did not know what to expect from F1 fans watching a race live. I was so excited by the energy of the crowd and how ‘dialed in’ everyone was throughout each session. Everyone paid such close attention to watching the race and following along with the commentary and the rest of the race on their phones.

One thing you brought with you that you couldn’t live without

I knew that Formula 1 cars were loud, but I was not expecting HOW LOUD they can get when watching them live. Bring earplugs! 

David (@NewGreg) - Fan for Several Years, 1st Race in Japan

Fan Takes David Japanese GP

One piece of advice for people traveling

The track is in Suzuka, which is not a very large town so most people attending the race stay in Nagoya. Although the transit is well set-up, the track is, as a whole, not very easy to get to. Logistics can be tough if you do not plan ahead (leaving early) and getting to and from the track isn't necessarily meant for as many people as attend it.

One thing that surprised you

I was not expecting Japan to be as hot as it was in September. Although I know there are much hotter tracks during this time of year (Singapore, COTA, Qatar), it was very warm and wearing light/ breathable clothing, drinking water, and sitting in the shade was important.

One thing you brought with you that you couldn’t live without

Like I said above, it’s HOT. This is also a race during the peak of the day in Japan, so the sun is beating down on you. That being said, wear a hat and apply sunscreen.

Christine (@chrissyrw) - Long Time Fan, 1st International Race (with kids!)

Fan Takes Christine Japanese GP

One piece of advice for people traveling

Getting to and from the track can be an event in itself. Give yourself plenty of time to get where you want to be. There are queues for transportation to and from the track. Don't let it put a damper on the event because it's all part of the experience and worth it in the end. If you want to save time, buy your transportation tickets/passes in advance. 

One thing that surprised you

Truly how easy it was to get there (this was my biggest fear ahead of the race).  The signage was clear and easy to follow. Despite not speaking the language, we found it incredibly easy to navigate to where we needed to be so that we didn't miss any of the incredible action and activities on and off track. It was a dream. Also, the pre-purchased passes made taking the trains and shuttles a breeze. 

One thing you brought with you that you couldn’t live without

For the heat and to avoid the midday sun, bring a handheld fan and an umbrella. Also, Japanese vending machines are unique and have all of the drink (and even food) options you could need, but make sure that you bring Yen for them - they do not accept cards.

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