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FanAmp Fan Takes - 2023 Singapore GP

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The FanAmp Team attended the Singapore GP at Marina Bay this year - hear what other F1 Fans had to say about their experience!

Welcome to our series - FanAmp Fan Takes, where F1 fans from all walks of life give you their tips, tricks, and insights about attending Grand Prix's all over the world.

Nick (@croissantpig) - Fan for 25 Years, 1st Race Abroad

Nick - CroissantPig Singapore GP

One piece of advice for people traveling

This was my first race abroad, and learning how to travel around the city/ to and from the track is a KEY to a successful race experience. Learn how to use the MRT (The Mass Rapid Transit System) to get to the track. It’s important to note that the fastest way to your designated gate may not be the fastest route to your seat itself - maps are your friend!

One thing that surprised you

Again, as this was my first race abroad, there were a number of things that surprised me! First, this grand prix is so well organized. No matter where you are on track there are copious amenities and food stations. Everything was extremely easy to find and access. Second, it can take a LONG time to walk from one side of the track to the other, so prepare for that. 

One thing you brought with you that you couldn’t live without

Water is key at pretty much any grand prix. However, Singapore is so hot and humid, I couldn’t live without my refillable water bottle. Even though the race is at night, the heat is still a major factor. Stay hydrated!

Shikha (@BoxBox) - Long Time Fan, 1st Race, Local

Shikha BoxBox Singapore GP

One piece of advice for people traveling

As a local there are two things that I always have with me. The first is water. The second is a handheld fan. Whether you’re just exploring Marina Bay or physically on track make sure that you drink water and use your fan to cool down. Also, download the app for any map and event info. (Editor's note: download FanAmp ahead of the race and save the track map and schedule for offline access. It’s a lifesaver when you inevitably lose cell service)

One thing that surprised you

Although I live in Singapore, I was shocked at how much of a party the Singapore Grand Prix actually was. It was as much of a party or festival as it was an F1 race. There is live music playing constantly around the track, amazing performances, and no shortage of things to do around the track. The city also becomes extremely vibrant (even more than it usually is year-round).

One thing you brought with you that you couldn’t live without

Like I said above, bringing water is the most important thing you can do when going to the Marina Bay Circuit. Also, beyond bringing a portable fan (which you should do), invest in a portable fan that has a face mister - it’ll help you cool down over the course of the evening.

Karis (@sirak84) - New Fan, 1st Time Race-goer

Karis sirak84 Singapore GP

One piece of advice for people traveling

Wear breathable clothing. Singapore is not only very hot, but also very humid. My clothes were in a constant state of dampness and staying sweat-free was a task within itself. It’s great for the skin though! I felt like I was having a facial daily!

One thing that surprised you

The track is absolutely massive and there are so many things to do that you can almost forget about the racing. Before you go to the track each day, definitely go over the track map. It’ll help you figure out how you’re going to take on the day, what activities you want to do, where you want to enter and exit, etc…

One thing you brought with you that you couldn’t live without

Just like most races at pretty much any circuit, a portable phone charger is a must and you will definitely need a water bottle. There are hydration stations throughout the track so staying hydrated wasn’t an issue.

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