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Getting to the Red Bull Ring: Your Comprehensive List of Travel Options for the Austrian Grand Prix

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All you need to travel efficiently and conveniently to the Austrian grand prix

The Red Bull Ring is situated in a rural expanse, making it slightly less accessible compared to some other race tracks. Fortunately, Austria benefits from its small size and well-connected transportation system, simplifying the journey to the circuit whether you're coming from Vienna, Graz, or somewhere else. Just be mindful of race day crowds and how you’ll be feeling after a long afternoon walking, drinking, and soaking up the sun to make a choice suitable for you and your group.

A map of the region near the Red Bull Ring, Vienna, and Graz

Getting to the Red Bull Ring from Vienna

Going by car

Whether you drive or hire a car in Vienna, driving is the most private way to reach the circuit. Plus, all trackside parking lots are free to access. The driving distance between Vienna and Spielberg Red Bull Ring is 194 km (120mi), taking approximately 1 hour and 58 mins. Just be prepared for lots of traffic the day of the race.

To find the best prices, it's recommended to pre-book a rental car through a search aggregator such as RentalCars.com which search many car hire companies at once. Just be sure to buy a vignette as they are required to drive in Austria and cover toll road costs.

Journey by bus

Traveling by regular bus service from Vienna to Spielberg takes approximately 4 hours and costs approximately €25-€35.

The official Red Bull Ring shuttle map

Alternatively, tickets for special, dedicated bus services to the Red Bull Ring at the 2023 Austrian Grand Prix are currently available for purchase. These bus services run directly to the circuit through dedicated bus lanes, connecting over 170 locations in Austria, including Vienna, Salzburg, Steiermark, Carinthia, and Styria. The "Busshuttle" runs on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, while the "Expressshuttle" operates exclusively on the race day.

Going via train

The closest train station to the Red Bull Ring is Knittelfeld, and taking a train from Vienna to Knittelfeld costs €35 on average and covers a distance of approximately 160km (100mi), taking an average of 2 hours 27 min. Once at Knittelfeld, free shuttles run every 20 min to transit race attendees to and from the track.

Getting to the Red Bull Ring from Graz

Driving by car

Driving is the quickest way to get from Graz to Spielberg Red-Bull-Ring, taking approximately 51 minutes for a road distance of 77 km (48 mi). Hiring a taxi for the same journey can cost between €170 and €210.

Riding the train

The train ride from Graz to Knittelfeld, which is the closest train station to the circuit, lasts about 1 hour and 18 minutes, covering a distance of 50km (31mi) with ticket cost ranging from €16 to €22.

Fans attending the circuit can benefit from two complimentary shuttle bus services, connecting the train station in Knittelfeld. The shuttle buses operate frequently from 8am to midday for transportation to the circuit, and return buses are available until around 8pm. On Saturdays, an extended service runs until midnight, although with slightly reduced frequency after 8pm. The Knittelfeld service operates every 20 minutes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with a 30-minute interval for the Saturday night service. 

Flying via helicopter

For an unforgettable experience, consider taking a helicopter charter to and from Spielberg. Click here for more information. 

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When you're finished, join the lively Grand Prix Travel community on FanAmp and Reddit to interact with fellow motorsports enthusiasts, ask questions, and gather valuable insights. There are even meetups at races around the world so you can spend time with new and old friends over food and drink.

And, be sure to visit our trusted partner, F1Destinations, for help with tickets and all things travel. They write excellent, in-depth guides on all aspects of each race.

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