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Know Before You Go: Monza and Singapore

FanAmp Team
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Insider tips and tricks to maximize your F1 experience at the Italian and Singapore Grand Prix race weekends.

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Italian Grand Prix

Where to stay for an incredible Italian Grand Prix Experience

Exploring Monza - Fun activities at the Italian Grand Prix

Traveling to Monza - Getting to the Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Singapore Grand Prix

Where to stay for an exceptional Singapore Grand Prix

Exploring Singapore - Fun activities at the Singapore Grand Prix

Traveling to Singapore - Getting to the Marina Bay Street Circuit

About the panel

AdamR46: Founder of Grand Prix Travel, the #1 community on Reddit and FanAmp for Formula 1 fans enjoying races around the world

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F1Destinations: The guru for Grand Prix travel guides, tickets, and tips with over a decade of industry expertise




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April: An avid F1 fan who took the plunge into traveling to races with Monza 2022. She's since been to Silverstone and has more on the horizon.

Eduardo: He comes with tremendous experience from not only having been to Monza but also being a resident of the area for many years. His local insights will help every fan.

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