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Traveling to Brazil - Getting to Interlagos

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Discover insider information on the best ways to reach Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace for the Brazilian Grand Prix

The Brazilian Grand Prix is widely considered one of the 'best races' of the Formula 1 Season. Combining rich Brazilian culture, die-hard fans, and incredible overtakes (queue the Alonso and Perez battle of 2023), traveling to the Brazilian Grand Prix is an exciting adventure for fans across the world.

Getting to Sao Paolo

The Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace is located south of Sao Paolo in a region called Interlagos. Due to its location, there are a number of airports that you can choose to fly into that will allow you to get quickly to your accommodation regardless of the town or city you have chosen to stay in.

Flying into Guaruhlos International Airport

GRU to Sao Paolo

Flying directly into Sao Paolo's international airport is the best and easiest option for many racegoers. The airport is located 19 miles (~30 km) from the center of Sao Paolo (where most people will stay) which is roughly a 40 minute drive depending on traffic and the time of day, and is 30 miles (48 km) or an Hour and 20 minute drive from the track. The Sao Paolo airport has different modes of transportation available to take you into the city (taxis, rideshare, shuttles, etc.). As many people will be staying in the Sao Paolo city center, note that travel times may vary - Brazil is known for very very congested traffic, so account for this in your travels.

Flying into Congonhas Airport

CGH to Sao Paolo

Although this airport is much closer to the Sao Paolo City Center and track, most international flights will fly into the Guaruhlos International Airport as it is much larger. If you do, however, find yourself landing at Congonhas Airport - consider yourself lucky.

From Congonhas Airport to Sao Paolocity center, the trip is 6 miles (10 km) or about 15 minutes by car (dependent on traffic). From Congohas Airport to Autodromo Carlos Pace, the trip is 9 miles (14 km) or a 30 minute trip dependent on traffic. Again, note that the proximity to the city center means that traffic could be very congested - consider taking airport shuttles.

Arriving to the Circuit by Public Transportation

It is HIGHLY recommended that you take public transportation to get around Sao Paolo and to the circuit to avoid the infamous traffic jams. You can purchase a Bilhete Único card which is used for paying bus, metro and train costs. You can purchase this card at underground stations, these cards can be topped up at supermarkets and newspaper stands – just look for the logo. About three hours of travel will cost $3.50 BRL ($1.05 USD) which is a fantastic deal.

The same is true about taking the metro to get to and from the Autodromo Carlos Pace - not only for avoiding traffic but for safety. You can take the metro to the Autodromo metro station in Interlagos on the Green line that is just next to the entrance of the circuit. From the very popular Sao Paolo neighborhood of Vila Madalena, this will take about an hour or so plus a few minutes of walking.

It is VERY important to note that Brazil is not very safe for tourists in certain areas, especially the 'favela' neighborhoods. There is a favela just next to the track so make sure that you are always traveling in groups and have your important possessions stored away safely.

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