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Traveling to Singapore - Getting to the Marina Bay Street Circuit

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Discover insider information on the best way to get to the Singapore Grand Prix

The Singapore Grand Prix is coming up quickly and it is important to plan the easiest and most convenient ways to reach one of the most exciting races. The Marina Bay Street Circuit was the very first F1 Night race added to the calendar in the history of the sport. This comprehensive transportation guide will help you plan and make the most of your journey to and from the Singapore GP.

Getting to the Marina Bay Street Circuit

Map of Singapore transportation routes

The Marina Bay Street circuit is situated right in central Singapore. The circuit itself, twisting around Marina Bay, encompasses the areas of Downtown Core and Kallang. Conveniently, the circuit is easily reached from any point in the city. Check out the official Marina Bay Street Circuit website for more information on the 2023 Singapore GP.

Arriving by train

The Southeast Asian rail network is a very easy and convenient way to get around Singapore. Trains are considered to be comfortable and the fares are very affordable. If you are coming from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, there are numerous trains that run back and forth to Singapore. The day trains take about 6 hours, or you could choose the overnight trains which take roughly 8 hours with the option of sleeper cabins. For an economy class seat, it costs as little as S$5.30 (~$3.90) for the day train and S$38 (~$28.50)  for a sleeper cabin on the night train.

Arriving by bus

The transit system in Singapore is renowned for being efficient and clean. Conveniently, no matter where you are coming from within the country, public transport won’t take longer than 1.5 hours to reach the circuit. All of the transit ticketing within Singapore is handled by Transitlink which makes it effortless to purchase a ticket. Single tickets cost up to S$ 1.00-5 (~$0.73 - $1.64). Although single tickets might make the most sense when touring around the Singapore, on a race weekend it makes more sense to purchase a Singapore Tourist Pass. A 3-day pass costs S$23 (~$17.50) and this will provide you with unlimited travel on public transport.

Arriving by taxi

Public transport may be busy on a race weekend, so another good option to get to the circuit is taking a taxi. All of the taxis in Singapore are metered and are easily called on the street on by phone. The usual flag fare is between S$3-4 (~$2.20 - $2.75) and short trips around Downtown Core or Kallang should cost no more than S$9-22 (~$6.60 - $16.40). One thing to note is the surcharges which increase the fare a significant amount. There is a 25% surcharge during morning and evening peak hour and a 50% surcharge between midnight and 6am. If you are looking to book a taxi, SMRT has quick reliable ones (call 6555 8888).

Walking to the circuit

If you are staying in downtown Singapore, walking to the circuit might make the most sense for you. Walking allows you to immerse yourself in the country’s culture and learn more about the area. Public transport is undoubtedly busy on race weekends, so if there is the option to walk, it might end up being quicker. One thing to note is that Singapore gets very hot and humid, which could make walking to the Marina Bay Street Circuit somewhat uncomfortable.

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