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The Mexican Grand Prix: A High-Altitude Spectacle of Speed and Skill

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A high altitude track and home to Red Bull Racing's, Sergio Perez

The Mexican Grand Prix, also known as the Gran Premio de Mexico, is an iconic event in the Formula 1 calendar, staged at the high-altitude Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City. It has a storied history dating back to its inaugural race in 1962, becoming a World Championship event a year later. The 4.3km track is renowned for its thrilling layout that includes the slow-speed 'stadium section' added in 2015, providing fans with an electrifying atmosphere. Mexico's most famed F1 drivers, the Rodriguez brothers, Pedro and Ricardo, as well as Sergio Perez have made significant contributions to the sport. With the 2023 Grand Prix scheduled for late October, fans eagerly anticipate the exhilarating racing experience it invariably promises.

The Mexican Grand Prix, or Gran Premio de Mexico, is a significant event in the Formula 1 calendar. It is held at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City, a track named after the Rodriguez brothers, Pedro and Ricardo, who were both born in Mexico City and competed in Formula 1. The track sits at an altitude of 2,238 meters above sea level, making it the highest track on the F1 calendar. This unique feature poses new challenges for the teams and drivers, as the thin air affects both the cars' performance and the drivers' physical condition.

The Mexican Grand Prix has a rich history, dating back to its first race in 1962. However, it wasn't until 1963 that the race became part of the Formula 1 World Championship. The event has had long spells of absence, with no races held between 1971 to 1985 and from 1993 through to 2014. Since its return in 2015, the Mexican Grand Prix has remained a permanent fixture on the F1 calendar, and its festive atmosphere, challenging track, and passionate fans make it a highlight of the season.

Description of the Mexican circuit and its layout

Mexican Grand Prix

The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez circuit is located within the Magdalena Mixhuca Sports City, which hosted the 1968 Olympic Games. The track is relatively compact at 4.3km and consists of 17 corners. The circuit's layout has remained largely unchanged since its opening in 1959, but it was partially redesigned for its return to the F1 calendar in 1986 and again in 2015. The main change in 2015 was the addition of a slow-speed 'stadium section', cutting off half of the infamous Peraltada final corner.

Mexican track map and unique features

The track's unique features include its high altitude, which affects the performance of the cars and the physical condition of the drivers, and the stadium section, which is one of the most stunning sections of a Formula 1 track anywhere in the world. The grandstands in this section are packed to the rafters, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

Weather predictions for the 2024 race weekend

Given the time of the year when the Mexican Grand Prix is scheduled in late October, weather in Mexico City is typically mild to cool. During the 2024 race weekend from October 25th to 27th, it's reasonable to expect daytime temperatures to range from 15-20 degrees Celsius, making it relatively comfortable for both the teams and spectators. However, the Mexican GP often sees unpredictable weather, and rainfall cannot be entirely ruled out.

The current weather in Mexico City:


Mexican GP lap record and its history

The lap record for the new layout of the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is 1:18.741, set by Valtteri Bottas in a Mercedes in 2018. The 2022 race was won by Max Verstappen in a Red Bull, with a race time of 1:38:36.729.

Memorable moments from past Mexican GP events

The Mexican Grand Prix has seen many memorable moments. In 1970, the race was almost cancelled due to the 200,000 fans that descended on the track, spilling onto the course. A stray dog caused the early retirement of driver Jackie Stewart, and there would be no Mexican Grand Prix for 16 years. In 1986, the race returned with a newly rebuilt circuit and a new name, the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. In 2017, Max Verstappen made contact with both Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel on route to his maiden win at the track.

Past Mexican Grand Prix winners

The Mexican Grand Prix has seen a variety of winners from different teams. The first official Formula 1 race in 1963 was won by Britain’s Jim Clark. Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen have both been multiple winners in Mexico. In 2021 and 2022, Max Verstappen took the top spot on the podium. The 2020 race was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, but in 2019, Lewis Hamilton emerged victorious.

Mexican F1 drivers and their achievements

Mexico has produced several Formula 1 drivers, the most famous of whom are the Rodriguez brothers, Pedro and Ricardo, after whom the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is named. More recently, Sergio Perez has been a standout Mexican driver. Perez's move to Red Bull Racing in 2021 has helped to boost attendance figures at the Mexican Grand Prix. He finished on the podium in the 2021 race, becoming the first Mexican to score a podium result on home soil. He achieved the same feat in 2022.

2023 Mexican GP Highlights and results

Max Verstappen dominated the 2023 race, taking his 16th race win of the season. Lewis Hamilton took second position, just ahead of the pole sitter, Charles Leclerc. To the dismay of his fans, Sergio Perez suffered lap 1 damage and had to retire his car at his home race.

Mexican Grand Prix 2024 dates and schedule

The Mexican Grand Prix, a thrilling race that always promises high-octane excitement and entertainment, is set to take place from October 25th to 27th 2024. The event, which unfolds at the historic Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez circuit in Mexico City, will be an essential weekend on the 2024 Formula 1 calendar. As the season nears its close, the Mexican GP often plays a pivotal role in deciding the World Championship standings.

How to get tickets for Mexican F1 2024

Tickets for the Mexican Grand Prix can typically be purchased through the official Formula 1 website or through other authorized ticket sellers. It's recommended to purchase tickets well in advance due to the event's popularity.

Navigating Mexican time and time zone considerations

Mexico City is in the Central Time Zone (CT). Travelers from different time zones should adjust their schedules accordingly to ensure they don't miss any of the action.

Suggested accommodations and travel tips for Mexican GP

There are numerous accommodation options in Mexico City to suit different budgets and preferences. It's recommended to book accommodations well in advance due to the popularity of the event. As for travel, Mexico City has an extensive public transportation system, but traffic can be heavy, especially on race days. Therefore, planning your travel to and from the circuit in advance is advisable.

Interesting facts related to the Mexican Grand Prix

The Mexican Grand Prix has a rich history filled with interesting facts. For instance, in 2021, Max Verstappen became the first driver to record three wins at the Mexican Grand Prix in its World Championship history. Jim Clark, Alain Prost, Nigel Mansell, and Lewis Hamilton are the only other repeat winners in Mexico. Red Bull Racing is the most successful team in Mexico, having taken four victories in Mexico City. At 2,238 meters above sea level, the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez is by far the highest track on the current F1 calendar.

The Mexican Grand Prix is a unique and exciting event in the Formula 1 calendar. Its high-altitude track, festive atmosphere, and passionate fans make it a highlight of the season. The event has a rich history, with many memorable moments and standout performances from drivers and teams. The 2022 race saw a dominant performance from Red Bull, with Max Verstappen taking the victory and Sergio Perez finishing third.

The Mexican Grand Prix continues to be a source of excitement and anticipation in Formula 1. With its challenging track, passionate fans, and the potential for thrilling races, the Mexican Grand Prix is sure to remain a highlight of the Formula 1 calendar for years to come. Whether you're a seasoned F1 fan or new to the sport, the Mexican Grand Prix offers a unique and thrilling experience that is not to be missed.

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