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The Ultimate Relaxation and Hangout Spots to Indulge Around the Austrian GP

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Ideas and insights to help plan an adventure while visiting for the Austrian Grand Prix.

The Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg is not just about the thrilling race; it's also an opportunity to explore the vibrant nightlife, indulge in delicious cuisine, and discover rich history and exciting entertainment options. Embrace the electric atmosphere, savor delectable flavors, and uncover exciting venues for endless amusement. If shopping is on your agenda, we've got you covered too. Don't forget to try your luck at the Casino Graz, as it might be your lucky week. Here's our guide to the finest hangout, events, and gambling spots for an unforgettable grand prix adventure.


If food is your thing, there is no shortage of options all throughout Austria. Here is a dish and restaurant to inspire your culinary adventure.

Pfarrwirt – Best Schnitzel


Embark on your Austrian adventure by savoring the national dish, Schnitzel, ideally paired with a regional white wine. Nestled in a picturesque garden, Pfarrwirt offers a sophisticated ambiance perfect for a summer evening. The Schnitzel here is unmatched, boasting an exceptional level of crunchiness and a unique batter that creates tantalizing air bubbles between the meat and the crust coating. If you're in search of an exceptional Schnitzel experience, Pfarrwirt in Vienna is the place to be.

Bull's Lane

Just along the ring road, you'll stumble upon the Bull's Lane Bistro, the hotspot for culinary delights right on the race track in the pit building. But don't let the name deceive you; this bistro offers much more. Treat yourself to a delightful selection of breakfast, soups, burgers, and more, all while savoring panoramic views of the Red Bull Ring. It's a dining experience that sets this bistro apart from the rest.


Indulge in exquisite regional cuisine in the stunning setting of Steierschlössl, located in Zeltweg. Prepare to be treated like Austrian coal barons as you savor the finest quality dishes in a breathtaking setting.


Located in Knittelfeld, Austria, the Bachwirt is highly recommended by ServusTV presenter Andrea Schlager. This unique eatery is known for its legendary fried chicken salad, a must-try for anyone visiting the area. It's a favorite spot among both Formula 1 and MotoGP stars.

Eisdiele Perko

Known to all in Murtal, Perko ice cream has delighted locals since 1914. Considered the best ice cream in the world by those from the region, it's a treat you won't want to miss.


Spielberg may not be a sprawling metropolis, but it offers a delightful array of entertainment options. After witnessing the thrill of the Grand Prix, you can let loose and have a blast at local hotspots like Soho Nightclub, Die Burg Nightclub, and other happening venues that will keep the party going.

Bars and Lounges

For a more intimate and relaxed evening, treat yourself to skillfully concocted cocktails at the London Inn in Knittelfeld or savor the atmosphere at Bar La Notte in Zeltweg, both within walking distance of the Red Bull Ring.

Other activities in Spielberg

Shopping Districts


Want to find that exclusive designer wear that'll make you stand out? Head to Graz to save yourself the hassle of searching all over for an ideal shopping location. Experience the vibrant City Park, a buzzing mall featuring fashion stores, a supermarket, a medical center, a kids' play area, and a food court. For an exceptional shopping experience, make your way to Center West Holding GMBH.

Casino Graz

Casino Graz

Discover the captivating charm of Casino Graz, featuring a comfortable game room where you can engage in slot machine entertainment, enjoy live sports broadcasts, savor delightful beverages, and even partake in sports betting or purchase lottery tickets for added excitement.

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