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Reviewing the Singapore Grand Prix Premier Walkabout Ticket

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The FanAmp Team attended the Singapore Grand Prix at Marina Bay Circuit this year - here's our experience with the Premier Walkabout ticket!

*Note: This review is based on the 2023 Premier Walkabout ticket.*

Premier Walkabout Ticket - Singapore GP https://singaporegp.sg/en/tickets/general-tickets/3-day-walkabouts/premier-walkabout

Premier Walkabout Ticket Access

There are many different ticket tiers that are available for purchase at the Singapore Grand Prix from premium suite to paddock to a number of different grandstands. I opted to purchase the Premier Walkabout ticket which cost about $450 (S$598), for the entire 3-day race weekend. 

Premier Walkabout ticket holders have access to numerous perks throughout the circuit and the weekend. Most notably, it allows you flexibility to view the race from many different vantage points across the entire track. With this ticket, I was able to walk around Zones 1, 2, 3, and 4 as well as being able to attend all of the concert performances offered throughout the circuit and ride on the Singapore Flyer.

Singapore Flyer View

Not only can you walk the entire track and go everywhere the GA crowd can, but there are also special viewing platforms that are specifically dedicated to Walkabout ticket holders. Many people don’t go to the viewpoints during the practice sessions which makes it really easy to get a spot. Since the track is all ground level, the catch fencing makes it really easy to get close and have a good view essentially all but standing on the track itself.

Premier Walkabout Stand

I loved being able to experience the entirety of the circuit and watch parts of the race from different corners of the track. As a highlight, riding on the Singapore Flyer (the giant iconic ferris wheel overlooking the track) is included in your ticket purchase. I went up on Friday during one of the practice sessions which allowed me to see the track and the action from above. I didn’t have to wait long at all, but keep in mind that lines will be much busier for qualifying and race sessions due to a much larger crowd at the circuit.

Singapore Premiere Walkabout

On Friday, I also realized that the much more expensive Main Grandstand was directly next to one of the Premier Walkabout viewing platforms. Honestly, if you don’t look closely, you may assume that they’re part of the same grandstand. With that in mind, I felt as though these Premier Walkabout tickets actually might give you the best value out of a majority of the other options available. Why spend hundreds more on tickets to one grandstand, when you can get the exact same vantage point at ‘mini grandstands’ around the circuit?

Food and beverage options are also specifically catered to Premier Walkabout ticket holders. Each zone has a variety of different food stands, and because of the unlimited access I was able to try multiple different cuisines that other ticket holders didn’t have access to. These stalls served food from a range of different countries and chefs.

In addition, the Fan Zone and concert stages are naturally spread across the circuit. Having full flexibility to circle the entire track meant I would never miss an artist or guest appearance. If those are an important part of your F1 experience then it’s another reason to buy this type of access.


Compared to ‘general admission’ options at other tracks around the world, this ticket is far and above the best option I’ve seen. The fact that it offers free reign of the circuit grounds and views that rival tickets for assigned seats make it feel like a really good value. I would definitely purchase it again in the future!

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