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Your Comprehensive List of Travel Options for Getting to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix

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All you need to travel efficiently and conveniently to the British Grand Prix

As the Ashes and Wimbledon roar on, Formula 1 arrives at Silverstone, a medium-sized village in Northamptonshire, England, and the home of British Motorsport. Situated at around 130km (80 miles) northeast of London, the rural circuit offers limited access, prompting many fans to prefer camping nearby during the British Grand Prix. While you might be caught in the gridlock of choices to get to the circuit, worry not because this comprehensive guide will provide a pit-stop check on each option, ensuring you make an informed decision.

A map of the region near the Silverstone circuit, Birmingham and London

Getting to the Silverstone Circuit

If you're near a town center in the UK, the easiest way to reach Silverstone is usually by bus or train. The most affordable and comfortable public transport options for the British Grand Prix will vary depending on your location, but they typically involve either a direct coach to the circuit or a combination of train and shuttle bus.

Going by car

Silverstone, located approximately 128 km (80 mi) from London, can easily be reached by car in approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The average cost of transportation ranges from £17 to £27. If you're driving from Birmingham to the circuit, the journey takes about an hour, covering a distance of 104 km (64 mi), with transportation costs ranging from £16 to £27. On the other hand, traveling from Wolverton to the circuit only takes 17 minutes. If you prefer taking a taxi for this 21 km (13 mi) distance, the fare would be around £27-£35.

Riding a Bus

Megabus runs bus services from 21 cities in the UK to Silverstone during race weekends, including Birmingham, London, Leeds, Bristol, Oxford, and Sheffield. They run directly to the track, dropping you off just a two-minute walk from the entrance gate, meaning all you need to do is buy your ticket, hop in, and enjoy the ride. Click here to see the full timetable for all three days of the weekend.

Riding the train

London train

The closest train station to Silverstone is Wolverton Station, but unfortunately, there are usually no shuttle buses available from here. So you would want to catch a train to Banbury, Milton Keynes Central, or Northampton, all within 30km of the circuit. From there, you can take a taxi or bus directly to the circuit.

The quickest route from London to Milton Keynes Central is through Euston Station. The train ticket prices range from £13 to £74 for a distance of 72 km (44 mi), and the journey takes only 30 minutes. From Birmingham, your best option is to take the train from Birmingham New Street to Milton Keynes Central. This train journey covers around 57 miles (91 km) and takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes on average, and booking in advance allows you to secure tickets starting from €7.99.

Flying via helicopter

A helicopter ride may be expensive, but it's one way of beating the traffic on the country roads around Silverstone. Silverstone Helicopters, the circuit's official partners, offer rides during race weekends and other flying experiences. So book a ride and arrive at the circuit in style for an unforgettable experience.

Silverstone Park and Ride

Park and ride options are available at the M1 and M40 for the British Grand Prix, and it is advisable to book in advance as traffic can be heavy. Pre-booking or registering at a park-and-ride location is mandatory for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday attendance. This helps ease parking demand and reduces local road traffic.

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