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Your Ultimate Exploration Guide During the Belgian Grand Prix

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Insights and ideas to plan an adventure while visiting for the Belgian Grand Prix

Held at the legendary Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, the Belgian Grand Prix attracts motorsport enthusiasts from across the globe, eager to witness the world's finest drivers navigate the challenging twists and turns of this iconic track. Besides the excitement of watching skilled drivers navigate the challenging track, Belgium offers a wealth of historical landmarks and picturesque landscapes, making it an enchanting destination for travelers.

Spa circuit museum

The museum is located in the magnificent vaulted cellars of Stavelot Abbey, and it showcases the rich history of the Spa-Francorchamps racetrack, known for its stunning beauty. The museum features a selection of exceptional vehicles, exclusive videos, and unexpected objects that highlight the drivers' passion for this competition throughout history, from the early pioneers to today's stars. For motor racing enthusiasts, there's also a large-scale model and PlayStation 4 consoles that offer an interactive experience, allowing visitors to enjoy a taste of what it's like to be legendary drivers like Fangio, Senna, or Schumacher.

Parc de Sept Heures

Created in the mid-18th century to accommodate spa-goers, this park, alongside the 4 heures park, is a popular spot for leisurely walks in the town. It boasts lovely features such as interesting trees, a serene water piece with a fountain, and charming alleys lined with elm trees, adding to its beauty. Additionally, the park is home to several 19th-century buildings, which are a testament to the eclectic taste of that era. These include the Leopold II gallery, characterized by its metal and glass construction, the Queen Marie-Henriette Pavilion, and the Petits Jeux building, now housing the Tourist Office.

Casino de Spa

Located in the serene town of Spa amidst the beautiful Ardennes region, Casino de Spa is the world's oldest land-based casino. While boasting a rich heritage, the casino has managed to blend tradition with a more contemporary approach to gaming entertainment. With its establishment dating back to 1763, this gaming venue has consistently thrived over the years, showcasing its enduring appeal. If you wish to explore this neoclassical marvel, make sure to bring your passport.

Domaine de Berinzenne

Situated in the heart of the woodlands near Spa, adjacent to the Fagne de Malchamps, this estate welcomes the public with its array of attractions: a panoramic tower, a park adorned with trees, a serene pond, and a lovely picnic area. Le Domaine de Bérinzenne offers relaxing tree-shaded alleys and stunning views of the region. From the tower's top, visitors can see the Fagne, sometimes stretching to the horizon, with sunshine or mist.

Other cities worth visiting



Antwerp, the second-largest city in Belgium, is also home to the second-largest port in Europe. During the summer, you can find plenty of relaxing waterside places to enjoy, such as pop-up bars, galleries, and restaurants. If you're into music, Antwerp has a vibrant music scene, with De Roma, a restored '20s cinema, offering film screenings on weekdays and concerts. For a leisurely exploration of the city, you can rent a bike for €20 and see the local landmarks and historic squares in just three hours.



Did you know that one of the main attractions of Brussels is a statue of a peeing boy? It may sound unusual, but it's a must-see when visiting the city. Besides that, Brussels has other impressive art pieces too, like the Atomium—a modern 100m tall model of an atom- offering a great view and a chance to enjoy a beer at the top. Brussels' nightlife is diverse and enjoyable, with various options like music and comedy, all complemented by excellent Belgian beer. To make the most of your trip, consider joining a bar crawl to experience the city's lively atmosphere. Being the capital and a stop on the Eurostar, Brussels has a vibrant vibe, especially during events like the Belgian Grand Prix weekend when fans from all over the world gather here. Don't forget to check for any special events happening during your visit to make it even more memorable.


Thanks to its abundant water power, Verviers emerged as an early industrial center specializing in textile and wool production. Verviers' charm extends beyond its industrial past, boasting a picturesque hilly landscape and elegant 19th-century buildings at its center. Moreover, the city takes pride in being the birthplace of tarte au riz, a beloved pie popular in the region and a culinary highlight of Belgium.

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